Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2019

Bishop Faulkner Embarks On Using Charity To Bless Others

Born in Jamaica, Bishop Roan Faulkner, 63, is no stranger to the life that needy people go through. Ordained as a priest in 1996, Bishop Roan Faulkner has spent the better part of his life organizing charities for people in need. He communes at the New Life Pentecostal Ministries, founded in 1993. He has served the church as a persuasive, compelling mentor, preacher, and church bishop.

Bishop Roan Faulkner

Bishop Roan Faulkner

Charitable Initiatives

During his work as a pastor, Bishop Roan Faulkner has helped transform the lives of many people not just in the spiritual sense, but also socially. He says that while growing up, he learned from his parents the importance of tithing, and he has since lived to realize the significance of this important virtue.

He doesn’t regret having acquired what he has both as a minister of the church and a bishop, saying there is no need to apologize to being blessed by God. Bishop Roan Faulkner adds that as a minister of God, you are a steward on earth, and few things are more fulfilling than giving back to the people.

Faulkner holds the view that his congregation should be a complete one, not just nourished spiritually, but also one that’s capable of meeting their needs as human beings. This has seen the bishop embark on a series of missions to transform his congregants’ lives and the community in general. The church has a solid focus on preaching, teaching and also giving back to society.

Bishop Roan Faulkner has, throughout his ministry, established charities across Maryland to help those that are less fortunate to discover their true potential as God destined. In the charities, the bishop has been involved in “Giving Back” missions aimed at helping those ravaged by hunger and HIV AIDs as well as those who cannot access quality education. A great philanthropist and volunteer, Bishop Roan Faulkner has always strived to show that God works through his church to restore his children using charitable outreaches.

Did the Unexpected

Bishop Roan Faulkner did the unthinkable by calculating all his income as a pastor of the church and gave all of it back to the church. This was considered as a significant act of reciprocity, which also showed that he cares deeply for the people and the community he serves.

The Faith Christian Center Church International has become synonymous with charitable outreaches and giving under Bishop Roan Faulkner’s able leadership. His teaching to Christians about their spiritual and earthly possessions is that they are a gift from God. He teaches his congregants that God gives his people all these because of His love for them.

Drawing from the bible, Roan teaches that God is a sacrificial giver by dint of the fact that he gave up his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) so that humankind shall not perish.

By giving back to the needy members of society, Bishop Roan Faulkner is convinced that it’s the only way of ascending from glory to glory and blessing God’s people. 

Bishop Roan Faulkner encourages ministers, pastors, and priests to use the gifts they have received from God to bless other people. He says that there is a need for the leadership of the church to communicate God’s blessings to their lives by giving.  Using his ministry, the bishop has been keen on building the kingdom of God on earth through empowering people through charitable initiatives.

Bishop Roan Faulkner is married to Pastor Esther K. Faulkner, and they are blessed with three adoring children. They are also the proud grandparents of two children. His schedule includes supervising, sanctifying, and guiding his faithful.

Author: Jeremy Biberdorf

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