Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

Bill Maher Quotes

Bill Maher tweeted “Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally! “We’re gathered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watching the returns come in!” – Mocking Alabama, Mississippi primaries on March 13, 2012

It’s no coincidence that the type of tree which God forbade Adam and Eve eating from was the tree of knowledge. Rick Santorum home-schools his children because he does not want them eating that (audio bleep) apple. He wants them locked up in the Christian madrassa that is the family living room, not out in public where they could be infected by the virus of reason. – March 9, 2012

“Similar to Afghanistan, when you occupy anything for too long people do get pissed off…As I watch them on the news now, I find myself almost in agreement with Newt Gingrich, like, ‘You know what, get a job.’ Only because the people who originally started it, I think they went home. Now it’s just these anarchists stragglers. And this is the problem when your movement involves sleeping over in the park. You wind up attracting the people who were sleeping over in the park anyway. And I think this is where we are with the ‘Occupy movement’.

“They did a great job of bringing up the issue of income inequality to the floor, but now it’s just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution,” he also said to his panel Real Time with Bill Maher, February 3, 2012

Compare to his October 22, 2011 comments:

There’s not going to be a repeat of what happened last time the hippies were in the streets. Those hardhats that you’re depending on to turn against the lousy hippies, here’s what they’re doing now. They’re cheering them on, because now the hardhats are just as broke as everybody else. These people down there, they’re not the counterculture. They’re the culture. They don’t want free love. They want paid employment. They don’t hate capitalism. They hate what’s been done to it, and they resent the Republican mantra that the market perfectly rewards the hard working and punishes the lazy, and the poor are just jealous mooches who want a handout. Yeah, because if there is one group of people who hate handouts, it’s Wall Street.


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