Published On: Fri, Nov 15th, 2013

Bill Diss, Portland teacher, expelled and escorted away by police for refusing to allow Planned Parenthood into class

An Oregon teacher has been fired, expelled and faces charges of being “unfit” to teach after refusing Planned Parenthood from his classroom.

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Bill Diss, an 11-year math and computer science teacher at Benson High School in Portland, was removed from the school by police earlier this year and must face a misconduct hearing.

Planned Parenthood began promoting a new program teaching about premarital sex, contraception and abortion. Last September, two representatives from the organization showed up at Diss’ door, hoping to speak to students. However, the math and computer science teacher, who identifies as a Roman Catholic, would not let Planned Parenthood enter and asked the representatives to leave.

The principal and vice principal of the school temporarily removed Diss from the class. Planned Parenthood also filed a complaint against the teacher. The next day, he was forced to sit in on a Planned Parenthood presentation.

“They were extremely aggressive in obtaining the children’s signatures by promising them all sorts of gifts and cash,” Diss said while battling to get his name off of the permission form sent home to children’s parents.

Diss endured increased criticisms from administrators and will face a formal misconduct hearing that will weigh whether he may keep his teaching credentials. Diss said that he was informed by legal counsel that the proceedings will be “very vicious.”

“The hearing is divided into two parts: The first part is at 4:00 p.m., when the district will have an hour to bring charges against me for misconduct and being unfit to teach,” he explained to the publication Common Sense. “[During] the second hour from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., we get an opportunity to respond to the charges.”

“I am asking all to pray and I would cherish your presence the second hour or for the entire hearing,” Diss continued. “Please bring your families. I think it is important that the school attorney and board members understand the importance of families and children. The press will also be there and I suspect many supporters of Planned Parenthood will be there.”


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  1. Mitch says:

    Share your displeasure…PASS IT AROUND
    Post it & the video link EVERYWHERE.

    [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]
    VIDEO LINK http://bit.ly/18gCDHI

  2. Jim says:

    Is Diss the only teacher at the school “who identifies as a Roman Catholic”? Why is he the only teacher, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist,Hindu or of no faith, to object to the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which has been caught in so many scandals of late, having access to a high school? Who is vetting the people hired to teach these days? It is pathetic that this guys’ fellow teachers have their heads buried in the sand.

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