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Bill Ayers Quotes

I’m officially available to be the next Secretary of Education. Call POTUS. We need a radical new direction. Free people/ free minds! – @WilliamAyers October 2, 2015

“We need to initiate citizen tribunals to try the NRA,a lot of bad things happen when you flood neighborhoods with guns.” audience member at a Chicago bookstore Q&A event, November 5, 2015. “But I like that — people’s tribunals — say more,” Ayers told the unidentified audience member. “Because I think sometimes we wait for official channels to do stuff for us.”

The man went on to explain that with such “public forums … we indict the NRA, and we charge them, and we take the case to the U.N., whatever.”

“Beautiful,” Ayers replied.

April 13, 2011 on The Larry Elder Show discussing Ayers’ participation in bombing buildings to protest the Vietnam War here in America vs the soldiers over seas – he describes as “extreme acts of vandal

“…the illegal bombing of cities, which John McCain took part it in and, he is of course is a war criminal, as is everyone, as is several people admitted when they came back including the Vietnam Vets against the war. – April 13, 2011 radio interview The Larry Elder Show

John McCain actually killed people. I actually didn’t kill people. Who’s the one who should account for themselves. – April 13, 2011 radio interview The Larry Elder Show

War crimes were not a matter of choice, they were a matter of policy. – April 13, 2011 radio interview The Larry Elder Show

Every great fortune involves a great theft. – April 13, 2011 radio interview The Larry Elder Show

The Pentagon is a terrorist organization. – April 13, 2011 radio interview The Larry Elder Show

Read entire audio clip here

What if you say every resident of a country where there’s an American military base within its borders ought to have a right to vote in the American Presidential election. That causes a different kind of thinking doesn’t it?…I think it’s a great idea. – Beirut, Lebanon March 17, 2011

Queering Elementary Education is an important contribution to nourishing the ethical heart of teaching, reminding us how anemic and cold and partial our embrace of our students has too often been. For some readers this collection will be an affirmation, for others a surprise and challenge. But it is a book for all teachers and parents, indeed for anyone concerned with the healthy development of children and schools. And, yes, it has an agenda: it stands straight and strong for fairness, for respect, for humanity, for simple decency. – endorsement on the back cover of “Queering Elementary Education”

Although the bomb that rocked the Pentagon was itsy-bitsy – weighing close to two pounds – it caused ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ of damage. The operation cost under $500, and no one was killed or even hurt. – 2001 book, “Fugitive Days”

Bill Ayers speaks to audience members following a forum on education reform at Florida State University (January 12th, 2009) Photo/Supercomputer12 via Wikicommons

Bill Ayers speaks to audience members following a forum on education reform at Florida State University (January 12th, 2009) Photo/Supercomputer12 via Wikicommons

Bill Ayers December 1, 2010 interview on Citizen Radio (link below)

“… actually what I’ve consistently, including in everything I’ve written, is that there is no question that the Weather
Underground crossed, you know, lines of legality and I sometimes say we crossed lines of common sense in certain ways, but I never denounce what we did. And the reason is because in the context of those times and what was going on.”

I actually think that we were very restrained, and I’ve always thought that, and I still think it. So but what drove us to it? Well, I would say this: That I was one simple way to say it is in a story. I was first arrested opposing
the war in Vietnam in 1965.

Do I think what we did was brilliant? Not really. Do I think it was horrendous? Absolutely not. You compare 6,000 people in one week being murdered by my government to, you know, an escalated piece of vandalism against a military computer inside the Pentagon, there’s no comparison. And to kind of focus on the Weather Underground as this violent, unbelievably out of control, I think it reminds me, if you put it in today’s context, here we have WikiLeaks describing, you know, revealing all the incredible things going on. The real assault on democracy by our government in a
systematic way. And how does the news media cover it? Oh, my gosh, it’s leaking, it’s dishonest. Who’s dishonest in this picture? Who’s the liar in this picture? Who’s the force for oppression and exploitation? Well, in my view if you look at
the Sixties and you look at the Seventies, the Weather Underground was not only restrained, we were temperate, we were not particularly violent. We destroyed some property.

Citizen Radio

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