Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Mayim Bialik hits back at critics over Zionist label

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik recently slammed those people who have been criticizing her for being a Zionist. On her official Facebook page, Bialik revealed that there are some people who have been discouraging others to follow her because she’s a Zionist.

The Cooper/Kripke Inversion“For those of you who refuse to follow me and discourage others from doing so because I am a Zionist (as if that’s a crime!!), I highly recommend you look up Zionism in a dictionary rather than using the definition perpetrated by anti-semitic media and leaders,” she wrote.

Bialik, continued her post by explaining what Zionism means.

“Zionism is the belief that Jewish people deserve an autonomous homeland free from terrorism and threat to our global existence. If you don’t want to follow me because I believe in that, by all means don’t,” she concluded.

Bialik’s fans showed their support for the actress and what she stands for.

Facebook user @Gabriel Hernandez Ben Noah wrote, “I’m not Jewish but I consider myself a Zionist too because I believe that every nation has a right to be free in a country of their own. That includes the Jewish people. Am Israel Chai.”

Another fan @Patti Ross Girton wrote, “I see no problem here. It’s your belief, I have mine, we all want the homeland free from terrorism and threat to our existence, who wouldn’t except ones that seek to destroy. I for one am for Israel and I will stand with her no matter what.”

Facebook user @Kristin Lieb wrote, “Why people care what religion (or not) that a celebrity is is beyond me. You’re talented and entertaining, that’s why I watch you. And I believe that most everyone would like a homeland free from terrorism and threat to our global existence.”

Bialik plays Amy, the love interest of Jim Parson’s Sheldon, on the hugely popular sitcom.

The Big Bang Theory is currently in season 9, with the mid-season finale set for December 19 and return on January 7. A tenth season is already planned.

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  1. Peter Panagis says:

    Dear Mayim,

    I have always been in awe of your talent. Can you still belt out the tunes as you had done, in your role as C C Bloom?

    Nevertheless, my wife, Eva, and I, recently moved back to USA, after living in Athens, Greece for ten years. We immediately became concerned by the remarkable rise of racism, bigotry,hatred and jealousy. Not to mention,as it is apparent in your situation,
    a case of anti-Semitism. And maybe, with a dose of ignorance.

    Bravo for being proud of who you are and together with your brilliant intelligence, you made your point.

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