Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2019

Bharat Bhise HNA: Reasons Why a Business Would Be Foolish to Ignore Cybercrime

When businesses invest in security they do so hoping that it never has to be used, they never want an alarm to go off, they don’t want the security guard called into action and they don’t want to be sitting reviewing a theft on their camera footage. Despite the fact that we know we probably won’t need it, we still invest because it acts as a deterrent and it gives us peace of mind. Ins site of this however, cybersecurity is not something which business take seriously and a great number of businesses ignore it entirely. 

Bharat Bhise HNA is a cybersecurity expert and good friend of mine who has taught me that businesses ignore cybersecurity at their peril, and no matter what it costs, they should invest, here is why. 

photo/ Jan Alexander

They Happen

Attacks happen every day to a range of businesses and just because it hasn’t happened to you yet, that is no reason to be confident that it won’t happen. If you have a business which operates using computers which store confidential information and you don’t have cybersecurity in place, you are a victim waiting to happen. 

Hacking is Easy

Breaking into premises isn’t easy, one must stay out of sight, avoid security systems, avoid making noise and get out with whatever it is that is being stolen. In the case of cybercrime however, it is very simple for those who know how. From the comfort of their bedroom they can infiltrate a server or system, steal whatever details they like and get out without anyone knowing that they were even there. You have to consider that some big companies have been hacked even with state of the art security, what makes you think it would be hard for a smaller time hacker to get into your system with no security?

Untold Amount of Damage

Now of course the probabilities of this happening to you are low, but nonetheless if you do happen to fall prey to an attack like this the damage will be massive. You will have days lost in the business whilst the computer systems are being repaired and updated, you will cause significant damage to your reputation as a business once word gets out that you have not protected the personal information of your business and you will then of course have to pay for the security which you should’ve invested in first time around. 


The strange thing about the fact that so many don’t have cybersecurity, or adequate cybersecurity in the business, is that it really isn’t that much of an expense on the business at all. Capital is of course important but when you are spending on security there should be no questions asked, the damage of an attack will be very expensive which is exactly why a small investment now is the best way to go about keeping your business, your customers and your information protected.

Author: James Daniel

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