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Better Details with the Perfect Parcel Sending Now

These options are practically the extremes of packing techniques. Most shops combine them according to the season, the preferences expressed by the customer, etc. Besides the appearance of the package, an important element is its size because most courier companies charge you depending on the size and weight of the package. So, you surely want to be as compact as possible so you do not lose your profit margin and the transport fee is not too big for the customer.

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The Right Purpose

For this purpose, the best idea is to get yourselves in standard boxes of various sizes: small, medium and large. I know you want to deliver products only in small boxes, have advantages but keep an eye on the experience you offer to the customer; the product must reach it in perfect condition.

  • If we have talked about standard packaging so far, let’s take a look at the details of the brand-specific package and the unpacking experience.
  • Brand specific packaging is an effective way to promote your business. Everything revolves around the idea of ​​surprise, overcoming the customer’s expectations. And after being surprised / shocked, the client moves to the feeling of joy and enthusiasm, so it’s easy to influence him / her to act according to your guidelines.
  • Depending on the niche you activate, choose boxes, envelopes or other types of packaging and print them with the store logo or personalized messages. Let’s say you sell fashion products for business men and someone orders a shirt, shoes, a tie, etc. Get the idea of ​​the brown box and choose something special, a box-shaped briefcase printed with elements specific to the brand.

Things do not stop here. Imagine your unpacking experience and emphasize the emotion you want to wake up to your customer. In addition to the surprise of the different box, the client will discover the aesthetically arranged products in the box, but also a handwritten note, in which he tells you that he is a client and invites him to share his experience with friends on Social Media. Or, give them a discount for the next order so you can get them back to the site. For that you can take the option of the parcel to canada from uk.

So what are the brands for a nice unpacking experience?

The box

It’s the biggest element, the first seen, and it’s usually white or brown cardboard. With this element you can play in terms of shape, size, colors, printed design, etc. All that matters is to be relevant to your brand and to deliver exactly the image you want to transmit. With the Cheap courier ParcelABC you can expect the easy solutions now.

Paper napkin

This adds extra mystery to the unpacking experience. Consider using a printed map with your logo, slogan or brand details, colored paper, and printed paper with Christmas / Easter / Valentine’s Day, etc.


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