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Best Winter Boots For Men

Winter for women is an amazing time to wear all those beautiful winter dresses and matching shoes and show off to their family and friends. Though this is not the same for men in the clothes section, they can at least make sure to wear some top quality winter shoes that will surely make them stand out in the crowd in a good way. The problem with men’s shoes is that, unlike their women counterparts, the choices are limited. You need to dig a little deep into men’s footwear fashion to get some reasonable winter shoes. Thus to make sure you don’t go through the struggle of searching for shoes, we have made sure that in this article we shall educate you on some of the best shoes for men in the market that is suitable for moderate to extreme winter. 

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Recommended Winter Boots For Men In The Market Right Now

Below are the best choice of winter boots for men that a beginner with absolutely no knowledge could buy right away and feel comfortable and happy about it.

Snow boots

Snow boots are the best choice when it comes to living in an unbearably cold region. These shoes are specially made to withstand a large amount of cold, making them an ideal choice for such weather. Snow boots, because of their purpose, usually lack any style as compared to other boots. Thus, the possibility of finding good looking snow boots can become difficult. But lucky for you, if you intend on buying stylish snow boots from a reputed seller, have a look at Nortiv8 Shoes for men. 

Ankle Boots

One of the most famous types of ankle boots for men is the Chelsea boots. Luckily, these boots are also winter friendly and thus can be worn during moderately colder temperatures. Chelsea boots for men provide a unique look and are suitable for semi-formal and casual clothing.

Military Boots

Under Army Military boots are very similar with it comes to providing warmth as compared to snow boots. The two major aspects where military boots shine more are that military boots usually look way more stylish than snow boots and military boots are the best when it comes to protecting your feet, thanks to the really strong, quality, and sturdy fabrics and materials they are made out of. Thus, if you plan on frequent mountain-based adventures or simply want a shoe that can protect your feet without worrying, military boots are the choice you must go for.


Sneakers are one shoe that you must always own. This is mainly because sneakers are one of the very few shoes that can be worn with a large collection of clothing. These shoes, when worn with the right outfit will instantly make you look stunning and youthful without much effort. Thus, if you ever need one shoe for all purposes, sneakers could be your ultimate choice.

Oxford Shoes 

By far the most formal shoe on this list is the Oxford Shoes. Thus, these are the best shoes for formal events and formal dresses. Additionally, these shoes are winter friendly as well, making them a must-have if you frequently attend formal meetings, parties, and dinners not just during winter, but during other seasons as well. But be careful while buying Oxford shoes as not many sellers provide Oxfords with a reasonable grip, which is a must-have during winter.


For those who might not love Oxfords or for some reason couldn’t find a winter friendly Oxford shoe, the loafers, especially Penny Loafers could be your best bet. Even if these loafers are intended more for semi-formal and casual clothing, you could still pull off a formal outfit with them.

Factors You Must Always Consider When Buying Winter Shoes

Since winter can easily become an uncomfortable season due to it sometimes becoming extremely cold, there are some factors you must always keep in mind while buying shoes for winter. Here are such factors.

Warmth Factor

When buying winter shoes, warmth should be your first priority. You don’t need too much warmth unless you live in an extremely cold region. Even then, keep in mind the insulation weight of the shoe. The insulation is what ensures how much warmth a shoe provides. Too little insulation during winter is not reasonable, whereas too much insulation can lead to sweaty feet, and because of the cold, this sweat can freeze and in turn make your feet cold.

Traction Factor

Similar to warmth, the traction/grip of the shoe is equally important. This is due to the fact that winter is all about snow and moisture. Thus, if you intend on not wanting to slip and fall frequently, avoid shoes with little to no grip during the winter. Luckily, all the shoes mentioned below have reasonable sole grip good enough to sustain winter.

Comfort Factor

The comfort of a winter shoe depends on three major factors, the quality of the fabrics, waterproofing, and breathability of the shoe. A breathable and waterproof shoe will make sure to keep your feet sweat free, and that you don’t accidentally spill any liquid on it. Whereas a quality fabric will provide an irritation free experience so that you can wear the shoe for a long period of time without any worry.


In conclusion, though there might not be as many shoes for men as compared to women, there are plenty enough winter shoes for men. While purchasing your winter shoe, just make sure you buy them depending on the coldness of the region you live in. Additionally, make sure you always consider the above three factors when buying winter shoes so that you don’t regret your decision later.

Author: Charistian Sitoy

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