Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

Best ways to beat procrastination


Procrastination is our worst enemy. With exam season being upon student continue to postpone preparation and believe that they are going to be able to catch up for few days or write all academic written assignments for a night. As a result – failed exams, papers full of mistakes and ruined vacation season. Putting things off until tomorrow is a dangerous habit and students like no other are prone to succumb to a temptation. Even university’s library can’t save as when you are studying there – friends are all around you and a 5 minutes’ break can easily turn into few hours wasted. Moreover, libraries have excellent internet connection – more reasons to get distracted by social media, sports news and much more. Some students may claim they are more productive when having an adrenaline rush but still it is wiser to manage time smartly. Try working for few hours without interruptions and will be surprised with own productivity.

Not only students facing this problem everyday but adults as well. if you are ready to admit that procrastination is getting in your way and diminishes your productivity, try following these tips:

  1. Understanding that procrastination stops you from being successful and how it affects your life in a negative way is the first step toward fighting it.
  2. Start planning. Jot down your schedule and To-do list for today. You won’t believe how simple but effective this list is – sort of a constant reminder of everything you have to accomplish today. State a number of assignments you should complete and follow your plan.
  3. Be positive, try finding something new, exciting and interesting in your assignments, and it will be much easier doing researches or writing an essay. Craftresumes review attracts us with a possibility to buy perfectly written academic paper bur managing time efficiently you will have a chance to complete this assignment by yourself.
  4. A study in an environment that has no distractions and offers a productive atmosphere.
  5. Avoid negative thinking and talk to yourself nicely. In this way, you will encourage yourself to achieve set goals.
  6. Stop fantasizing about the successful outcome but work, take practical steps toward your goal.
  7. Your obstacles and distractions should be carefully planned as well. Leave your phone in another room and make a rule that you have the right to look through new Instagram photos or check messages only while on a break drinking your tea. Allow yourself to have a large break and watch a movie – put this into your schedule.
  8. Make sure you will be rewarded at the end of the day. Celebrate successful tasks’ accomplishments – allow yourself to read a book not related to learning subject, meet a friend for a coffee.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for failing at the beginning; it will become easier with time.

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What are the worst enemies of every student?

What are the most common excuses students come up with when preparing for the exams or have a strict deadline to submit an academic paper? Reasons may be various and here are main traps young people are getting into:

The first and most popular excuse for being unorganized sounds as – I have no idea where to begin preparation. Best solution to handle this initial problem is dividing your work into smaller sections and know it doesn’t look so scary now;

Students are often complaining that the subject material is extremely boring and they can’t stay awake while reading it. Here it is important identifying keywords and important concepts. Making notes will keep you awake. Discuss your subject understanding with your friends, and together it will be easier to memorize and understand new information;

Often, students tend to believe that if they have read their syllabus and textbook they understand the main idea of the course. To make sure it is so, make a list of questions for every section and try giving detailed answers.

Having wasted a lot of time in vain young people honestly, believe that they can manage written assignment or exam preparation for a night. Not only you will have your test failed but also exhausted and irritable. Prepare in advance and put too much stress on your body.

Quality preparation is a key to your academic progress, so don’t waste too much time and invest in your future.

Author: James White

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