Published On: Sat, Mar 21st, 2020

Best Toilet Paper: Eco Friendly and Superior

Do you ever struggle to choose which toilet paper you’re going to buy from the store? It can be difficult to decide if you want the soft, strong or that big bargain bundle no one has space for. The toilet paper market is seeing an increasing amount of eco friendly options that are much better than all of the brands you are used to. Eco Friendly alternatives for everything are becoming more popular and this is no different for toilet paper. Perhaps the best eco friendly option is bamboo toilet paper and we’re going to tell you all about what makes it eco friendly and why it is far superior. 

bamboo tree forest

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Best Material

Bamboo has been used for ages in the manufacture of many products, from floors to utensils and even clothes but it is not widely known or used enough. That is all changing and it is quite possible that bamboo toilet paper could trigger others to use bamboo in their manufacturing for all kinds of products. One of the reasons why bamboo is such a great material, especially for toilet paper is because the fibers are incredibly strong, so strong that the fibers have a higher tensile strength than some steel alloys. When the fibers are made really small they still hold their integrity so when  turned into paper form, you have a strong material. 

The fibers in bamboo are also softer than the wood fibers and recycled materials used to make most toilet paper. You don’t have to choose between soft or strong! With bamboo toilet paper you get the best of both worlds. Soft, strong and it can handle some serious business.


One of the most amazing things about bamboo toilet paper is that it is a very sustainable product to manufacture, especially when the final product is made out of 100% bamboo. What makes it so sustainable is the fact that bamboo grows very fast. It can grow up to three feet in twenty four hours! Also, bamboo is usually only harvested once a year to ensure maximum growth and yield. 


With everyone so busy nowadays, convenience is a key factor when making decisions. Bamboo toilet paper is one of the newer convenient things that you’ll want to have in your house. One of the biggest problems with regular toilet paper that you get at the store is that you want to get the best deal so you buy the ginormous bundle on sale but it barely fits in your car and it’s a pain to store all of those rolls. Bamboo toilet paper can be shipped right to your door!  You won’t ever have to put TP on your shopping list again!

The cool thing about getting bamboo toilet paper shipped to your house is that you can select how often you receive shipments depending on how many people are in your home. When you buy the best bamboo toilet paper, each roll comes individually wrapped so they’re easy to store, clean, sanitary and ready to roll. 

Eco Friendly 

Paper products tend to have a negative effect on the environment and regular toilet paper is no exception to that. Bamboo toilet paper on the other hand does not fall under that category and is so much better for the environment. It is completely biodegradable and won’t leave behind material in our oceans. Bamboo also requires approximately 30% less water than most trees and one acre of bamboo produces over 30% more oxygen than an acre of tree forest. Water and oxygen, two things we need for survival and bamboo can help save some of those resources. 

There are so many reasons to switch to bamboo toilet paper. Once you try it you’ll like it so much better than anything you can get at the store and you can feel good about doing your part by reducing your ecological footprint and helping out our environment. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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