Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

Best Grooming Innovations Available Readily At Our Fingertips

The electronics market has undergone a tectonic change at modern times to be in sync with the latest grooming requirements. It has come up with never-thought-before innovations which can speed up your daily routine while rendering a suave and professional look in no time. Technological advancements have well-braced these modern-day gadgets in such a way that they guarantee greater finesse in comparison to manual grooming skills.

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So, whether you are planning to indulge your facial tissues in deep cleaning or manscape those delicate regions to surprise your partner, we have compiled a list of top grooming gadgets which can help you in the entire drill.

  • Electric Toothbrush

Making rapid bristle motions, this battery powered scrubber can shift twice as much plaque when compared to their manual peers. You just have to guide it along your tooth’s surface and it will readily get the cleaning job done for you. The electric toothbrush is recommended by dentist, especially for children who do not take oral hygiene very seriously and end up with painful cavities more often. Most of these tech gadgets come loaded with a bevy of features such as pressure signals to indicate when you are exerting excessive pressure, multiple brush heads compatibility to select the one which suits you best, timers for keeping track of every single movement, digital reminders for replacing the brush head and numerous brushing modes for gum-massaging action, sensitive teeth and whitening requirements. Some of these clinically approved teeth cleaning tools come with Bluetooth connectivity to help users in keeping tab of their oral health using a smartphone.

  • Electric Hairbrush

This breakthrough innovation comes paired with a microphone in the brush head, which picks up sound waves emitted as we comb through our hair. Hair experts hold the view that the advanced engineering of these hair brushes aid in easy identification of issues such as split ends and dryness. They also come braced with an array of sensors which aids in determining the number of strokes made and how hard and fast you are brushing. Most of these hairbrushes come with built-in WI-Fi or Bluetooth which aids in transferring the data collected to smart phones from where you can keep track of your daily brushing habits and drive a health hair score.

  • Teeth Whitening Mouthpiece

These devices use heat and light to activate the whitening gel and impart to you a billion-dollar smile without any tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. It accentuates the whitening process by keeping the oxygen molecules close to the tooth’s surface.

  • Electric Shaver

These come as a unique combination of phenomenal performance and immaculate craftsmanship to deliver a flawless finish without any requirement of lather foam. Specialized technology aids these shavers in comfortably handling all hair types, while the shearing system syncs automatically to deliver maximum contours. These electric shavers are loaded with a powerful battery which can retain a single charge for long enough to help you complete the shaving drill in a hassle-free manner. The active shave sensor technology of these lightweight models aids in detecting and adjusting power levels to match the hair densities of neck, face and chin.

These ergonomically designed grooming tools are avidly advocated by the beauty and fashion bloggers in their body grooming tips. But make sure to go through product reviews before zeroing on your ultimate pick.

Author: Christine David

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  1. […] Best Grooming Innovations Available Readily At Our Fingertips […]

  2. […] Best Grooming Innovations Available Readily At Our Fingertips […]

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