Published On: Tue, Aug 16th, 2022

Best Golf Club Review Hybrids vs Irons

If you like to play golf with your friends or family during your weekends, then you will know that there are various types of golf clubs used by a golfer. There are several amateur golfers who also get confused as to which golf clubs to use for what type of shots. Amongst the various types of golf clubs, two common ones are hybrids and irons. Most of you may not know much about hybrids. These are basically golf clubs that are a mix of both fairway wood clubs and long iron clubs. If you do not have such a club in your golf cart, then it will be a good idea to get one as soon as possible.

Differences between a Long Iron and Hybrid Golf Club

There are several differences between a long iron golf club and a hybrid golf club. Some of the vital differences have been discussed by Golf Industry Reviews below for your knowledge. 

  • Design of The Club-Head: The traditional golf iron club has seen a major transformation in terms of the of the club-head design. What was once available in a blade style design, is now available with a cavity back. The sole purpose of this major change is an even force at which you strike the ball. The consistent thickness from the heel to the toe of the club-head will ensure that you strike the ball with a greater force, as compared to the blade style, no matter the area of the club-head that comes in contact with the ball. On the other hand, hybrids come with club-heads that are constructed with a vast amount of perimeter weighting simply because the head is larger in size and hollow in design.
  • Design of The Sole: The age-old design of the iron golf club was an extremely slim bottom or sole. The sole purpose of this design was to allow the club to dig into the turf. If swung in the right manner, with your hands ahead of the club-head, this would produce a downward strike of the golf ball. As a result of this, you can produce spin and take a proper divot on the golf ball. At the same time, the sole of a hybrid golf club in much wider in order to lower the severity of the problem caused by an iron club while trying to give some flight to the ball upon striking it. Due to the wide sole, it tends to skid along the turf and reduces the possibility of taking a divot before hitting the ball.
  • Length and Shaft: Traditional iron golf clubs come with steel shafts and most of the hybrids are made with graphite shafts. Since graphite is lighter than steel it allows a golfer to swing the club faster and thus, produce more club-head speed. As a result of this, it makes the ball spin more and gives it better carry. Hybrids also come with a lower flex point due to the graphite shafts in order to lift and launch the ball higher upon contact. The length of the shaft of a hybrid is also longer. 

Here’s a good resource if you need more information on which golf shaft to buy.

Author: DJ Cartledge


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