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Best environmental warning movies which will inspire you to become ecofriendlier

Within time, the cinematic world has become extremely broad exposing numerous subjects contoured in spectacular and detailed universes which engage the viewers to step inside that universes and get a new perspective over a topic which might be a daily basis concern or a topic which is not so popular, yet extremely interesting and relevant for our humanity. From art, history, war, love, crime to sci-fiction movies which are created with pure creativity and futuristic expectations, the cinematic world has covered all those subjects creating amazing masterpieces which over time have changed numerous perspectives, ideas, and even lives by giving true inspiration among people from all around the world.

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When it comes to environmental warning movies, we all have to admit that they perfectly underline the strong idea of how the humanity has become a real threat to the planet we live on due to ignorance and lack of information about how our reckless actions rapidly damage the environment resulting in extreme climate changes, heavy air pollution which is extremely dangerous to all of us because it can result in the development of numerous respiratory problems, water pollution which is extremely damaging to the marine life and the quality of the water from our oceans and seas. Even if all those movies present scary scenarios where the world comes to an end due to the cumulation of the thoughtless human actions which have destroyed the environment and the natural resources of our planet by combining the truth with sci-fiction elements to raise awareness about the need of becoming eco-friendlier in order to avoid the degradation of the world we live in. Read below what are the most popular cinematic treasures which are going to make you understand the importance of protecting the environment we live in and inspire you to become an eco-friendlier person.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow is a 2004 American scient-fiction disaster-movie which exposes the end of the world due to a sudden international storm caused by the climate change as a result of reckless human actions which have polluted and destroyed the environment. The paleoclimatologist Jack Hall, the main character of the movie discovers the tremendous events which are about to happen which are going to destroy our planet and tries to warn all the officials that security measures to protect the people should be taken. However, since the movie’s purpose is to show the ignorance of people and refusal to admit that the actions of humanity are the ones who might bring the end to our planet, Jack Hall is treated with lack of respect as every other character of the movie chooses to refuse to see the truth and think that his theory is just a fantasy which will never come upon our world. As Jack’s theory proves to be true once the tragic events start to happen, the world is comprised of panic and understanding of the real force of Mother Nature.  

The 11th Hour (2007)

The 11th Hour is a documentary film created, produced and narrated by the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. As the poster of the movie shows, the plot of the film exposes the effects of the reckless and damaging actions of mankind towards our planet. The documentary movie includes practical and visionary solutions which could be used to restore the planet’s ecosystems. The 11th Hour has been produced with the help and contribution of numerous scientists, politicians, and environmental activists who have joined together to create a cinematic masterpiece to inspire all the viewers to understand how negatively influential their actions can be towards the environment if they do not protect it from heavy pollution and the waste of natural resources. The movie is strongly underlining potential solutions to reshape and rethink the human actions with the help of technology, social responsibility, and conservation in the cause of protecting and improving our environment.

Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is a movie which has rapidly become extremely popular because of the interesting and engaging plot which keeps the viewers on the top of their feet during the entire movie. However, apart from the intense action and the scient-fiction events which create an amazing universe in the search of a new home for humanity, the whole idea of the future events which take place in the film start in the context of the rapid disintegration of our planet and its natural resources due to the thoughtless and damaging humankind actions which have lead to extreme climate events, heavy air pollution which has led to almost unbreathable air, and lack of fertile land where people can cultivate food. Interstellar is not only showing the tremendous situation of the end of the world but also the way that the people are affected by the results of their own ignorant actions.    

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

The movie Beasts of the Southern Wild is another environmental warning movie which exposes the effects of the climate change into global warming due to the actions of the humans which have destroyed the environment. The American drama film tells the story of a young little girl called Husu Puppy who lives in a bayou community away from the outside world. The little girl has to deal with melting ice caps caused by the global warming which had flooded her community and she has to learn the ways of courage. The movie is inspired by the Hurricane Katrina disaster and tells a touching and interesting story of the resurgent nature.

We should all realize the importance of learning how to recycle the waste properly, reduce the waste of natural resources, clean the forests and the beaches using metal detectors and waste bags to reduce the amount of pollution, and take eco-friendlier measures to avoid polluting the air which we all breathe.  After watching those cinematic environmental warning masterpieces, you will definitely have a different perspective on your daily basis habits which might affect the environment of our planet, inspiring you to become part of the cause of the environmental activists who dedicate their time to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our natural resources and environment in order to avoid having to deal with the fury of Mother Nature.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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