Published On: Mon, Aug 22nd, 2016

Best and Weirdest Moments from the 2016 Rio Olympics

We’re 6 days into the 2016 Rio Olympics and the majestic event has been fantastic so far. Despite the controversies and news surrounding the Rio Olympics, we’ve seen some of the most spectacular moments from international sports. We have the best and weirdest moments from the 2016 Rio Olympics in this article.

Brazil’s Light Show

One of the highlights of the opening ceremony would have to be the light show. It was nothing short of spectacular, with laser and lights working in gorgeous harmony. The televised moment captured the attention of millions around the world.

NBC Olympics said the light show was a display of Brazil’s strong artistic roots. We at The Global Dispatch agree completely. It was also noted as one of the best opening shows in the history of Summer Olympics.

The Tonga Flag Bearer

We can’t talk about funny moments from the 2016 Olympics without talking about Tonga’s flag bearer, Pita Nikolas. Snapshots of the young athlete carrying the national flag of Tonga broke the internet – social media in particular – and ignited a chain reaction worldwide. The Taekwondo athlete quickly became a Twitter sensation.

We saw his Twitter account followers count jumped overnight as an amusing photo of him went viral. Girls love his muscular body while the boys commented on his use of body oil more.

Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics in Rio  photo/ Agência Brasil Fotografias via wikimedia

Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics in Rio photo/ Agência Brasil Fotografias via wikimedia

Refugees & Independent Olympic Athletes

There was an interesting entry in this year’s Rio Olympics. Aside from the countries competing for medals, we also have a group of independent athletes. These athletes are mostly refugees who came from different countries. Their home countries are either in conflict or at war, which left these athletes with little opportunity to train.

However, entering the Olympic stadium before the Olympic flag, the Independent Olympic Athletes received the longest standing ovation of the night. It was one truly spectacular moment that we will all remember forever.

Michael Phelps Won His 21st Gold Medal

This is one spectacular achievement marked by an equally spectacular moment. When Michael Phelps reached the finish line and banked his 21st gold medal, the world was once again amazed. We must not remember that Phelps retired not too long ago before deciding to return to the sport and compete in this year’s Olympics.

Reuters photographer Dominic Ebenbichler captured the swimmer beautifully. There are plenty of underwater shots of Phelps competing for his gold medal too; all of these photographs are thanks to underwater robots being used in this year’s grand event. Nevertheless, Michael Phelps is officially the most decorated Olympian ever.

Michael Phelps’s Ralph Lauren Jacket

Before Phelps won his gold medal, however, he was asked to be the flag bearer for the USA Olympic team. IT was a bit funny, if not embarrassing. He wore a tailored jacket with USA written on the back. Unfortunately, in the slightly dimmed arena, the USA print on the back of his jacket lit up.

As it turns out, the writing was designed to light up. A lot of people were not impressed. It would have been much classier to just have USA printed on the back of the simple black jacket.

These are some of the best and funniest moments we have so far. The 2016 Rio Olympics is scheduled to run until the 21st of August, so stay tuned for more spectacular and funny moments right here on this site.

Guest Author: Carol Trehearn

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