Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017

Bernie Sanders turns to ‘sexist’ demeaning attacks against Betsy DeVos

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders asked President Trump’s education secretary candidate, Betsy DeVos, whether she would have got the job if her family had not donated $200m to the Republican party. Sanders’ demeaning question was followed with questions promoting his “free college” initiative.

“My question is, and I don’t want to be rude, but do you think if you were not a multi-billionaire, if your family had not made hundreds of millions of dollars of contributions to the Republican party that you would be sitting here today?”

“Senator, as a matter of fact, I do think there would be that possibility. I’ve worked very hard on behalf of parents and children for the last almost 30 years.”

Sanders retreated from his ridiculous attack tactic, then asking DeVos whether she would “work with him to make colleges and universities tuition free.”

“Senator I think that’s a very interesting idea and it’s really great thinking about, but I think we also have to consider the fact that there is nothing in life that is truly free, somebody is going to pay for it.”

Sanders said the Senate had been presented with a law to “substantially” lower tax breaks for millionaires while “low income young people could not afford to go to college.”

“Do you think that makes sense?,” Sanders asked, prompting DeVos to reply: “Senator I think if your question is really around how can we help college and high education be more affordable for young people….”

“That was not my question,” Sanders interrupted. “My question is should we make make public colleges and universities tuition free for every family in America, regardless of their income, to be able to give their children higher education.”

DeVos responded: “Senator, I think we can work together and we can work hard in making sure that college and high education in some form is affordable for all young people who would like to pursue it.”

DeVos has partnered with the Christian Reformed community in Michigan and is known for her push for private school voucher programs and more school choice. DeVos has poured millions of dollars through the DeVos Family Foundation into strongly supporting and heavily lobbying for charter schools and vouchers.

No surprise that the teacher’s union has rallied opposition against DeVos.

“She is missing the biggest piece of the puzzle, which is to wholeheartedly support public school as well as the needs and dilemmas of all kinds of students,” said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association.

“She is regarded as an enemy to public education” since she has associated herself so closely to the private school choice program, said Jon Valant, a fellow at the Brown Center for Education Policy at the Brookings Institution.

COMMENTARY: Countless attacks on DeVos whitewash the NEA as a “union” calling it an “organization” and the outrage by socialist groups, looking for more government control and not less. Sanders gets away with these insults because he’s a beloved leftist.

If Ted Cruz asked an Obama appointee the same, he’d be called out for being a sexist pig.

DeVos is a GREAT choice in the Trump cabinet, coming onto the scene based on qualifications to FIGHT COMMON CORE, the NEA, the Federal government on education. She was a Jeb Bush fan, then Carly Fiorina, then Marco Rubio…so not exactly a Trump troll.

The Democrats don’t have the votes and I hope the GOP rallies the warning bells to ensure she gets the votes and the meltdown of the leftists can continue. If DeVos and the Trump administration works to bring school choice and vouchers into the system, Sanders and the leftists will be out of their minds.

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  1. Brad says:

    If it was a republican asking that question you can guarantee the left would be screaming sexism. I also don’t understand Kathy’s criticisms of Trumps appointees, being rich means you are unqualified? I’m not a Trump supporter but I think most of his cabinet picks are outstanding.

  2. Kathy Kennedy says:

    What a silly premise. He was questioning whether her consideration for the position was bought. All of Trump’ s appointees are very rich, and very poorly suited for the position, unless the intent is to dismantle them. Ie, a climate denier for EPA, and a charter promoter to dismantle our public schools. Seriously.

  3. Dylan says:

    I don’t see how you could construe anything Mr. Sanders said in that meeting as being sexist.

  4. Kurt Donley says:

    Why was this under news instead of opinion or propaganda? As a note his questioning was classist not sexist…

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