Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

Too many Americans are still being left out, left behind and ignored.  In the richest country in the history of the world there is too much poverty, there is too much despair.

This election is about the single mother I saw in Nevada who, with tears in her eyes, told me that she was scared to death of the future because she and her daughter were not making it on the $10.45 cents an hour she was earning.  This election is about that woman, and the millions of other workers in this country who are falling further and further behind as they try to survive on totally inadequate wages.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Hillary Clinton understands that we must fix an economy in America that is rigged and that sends almost all of the new wealth and income to the top one percent. Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty. She believes – we all believe – that we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

And further, she wants to create millions of new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. Our roads, our bridges, our water systems, our wastewater plants.

But her opponent – Donald Trump – well, he has a very different view. He believes that states should have the right to lower the minimum wage or even abolish the concept of the minimum wage. If Donald Trump is elected, we will see no increase in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour – a starvation wage.

This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are – who will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision – a decision which is allowing billionaires to buy elections and is undermining our democracy.  (Applause.)  This election is about who will appoint new justices on the Supreme Court who will defend a woman’s right to choose – who will defend the rights of the LGBT community – who will defend workers’ rights, the needs of minorities and immigrants, and the government’s ability to protect our environment.

If anyone out there thinks that this election is not important, take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate, and what that means to civil liberties, equal rights, and the future of our country.

This campaign is about moving the United States toward universal health care – and reducing the number of people in our country who are uninsured or under-insured. Hillary Clinton wants to see that all Americans have the right to choose a public option in their health care exchange – which will lower the cost of health care for millions.  She also believes that anyone 55 years or older should be able to opt in to Medicare – and she wants to see millions more Americans gain access to primary health care, dental care, mental health counseling, and low-cost prescription drugs – through a major and dramatic expansion of community health centers throughout this country. Hillary is committed to seeing thousands of young doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists and other medical professionals practice in underserved areas as we follow through on President Obama’s idea of tripling funding for the National Health Service Corps.

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