Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2022

Benefits of Video Games for Adults

Most people think that video games don’t create any benefits for the users. And in some ways it’s not hard to understand why they would think that because on the surface, playing video games doesn’t seem to offer the type of brain-stimulating activity that other pastimes like reading seem to offer. This is even more true if you are an adult that plays video games. People often think that adults have much better things to do than to sit around playing XBox. However, quite the opposite is true. Playing video games brings lots of benefits to adult users and more people should find a way to incorporate them into their lives. Here are 5 reasons why more adults should play video games. 

photo/ Olichel Adamovich

Social interaction – It’s hard making friends as an adult. Most of the people you hang out with are either old friends or work colleagues. It’s rare to be thrust into social circumstances where making friends is easy. However, gaming helps you do just this. Playing video games is a social pastime. You almost never play alone. Video games help you to meet lots of people when you play online or when you join gaming communities like joystickgaming.io.

Better brain health – Although it may come as a surprise, playing video games has been shown to improve brain health. Playing games helps to sharpen skills such as memory retention and problem solving. Having to keep track of numerous elements on the screen also helps to enhance your visual perception and ability to process information. Additionally, playing video games improves your ability to switch seamlessly between tasks. It’s simply a way to exercise your brain while simultaneously having fun. 

Stress reliever – Being an adult not only means having to juggle endless responsibilities but having a lot of people depending on you, the combination of which can be tough. This is why everyone needs to relieve stress occasionally and video games can help you do just this. For one, video games are enjoyable and engaging, allowing you to take your mind off stressful matters, even for a little while. Playing also leads to dopamine secretion which helps you feel pleasure and satisfaction. And since video games operate on a challenge and reward system, playing boosts your feelings of accomplishment.

Improves dexterity – It should come as no surprise that hours spent sharpening your hand-eye coordination should have a positive effect on your own dexterity. But this is exactly the case. Playing games improves your ability to interact with objects more easily and dexterously. Playing video games is sort of like super affordable occupational therapy for your hands. In fact, research has shown that surgeons benefit from playing video games; they make fewer errors during surgery and they can perform complicated procedures more quickly.

Increased exercise – It’s not all about sitting on a couch for hours; some video games encourage you to stand up and get moving. There are numerous video games focused on getting you fit and active even if right in the comfort of your own home. Think of games like the WiiFit, a favorite of many senior living spaces dedicated to improving the lives of their residents. Additionally, games with technologies like augmented- and virtual reality are helping people put more physical effort into their gaming.

Author: Hemant Kumar Gupta

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