Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Benefits of Retired, Disabled, and Veteran Citizens

We live in an era of economic downturns, wars, climate change, costly healthcare and what not making it extremely difficult for people, especially the retired, disabled and the veteran citizens to live a stress free life.

On the upside, large corporations and businesses are caring more, coming up with superior benefits and trying their best to help these differently-abled people. But in spite of all these efforts few people miss leveraging such benefits due to inadequate knowledge and lack of direction.

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Some of the immediate benefits they enjoy are as follows…


Retirees enjoy a number of financial benefits in the United States. From tax benefits to social security benefits and attractive discounts on products and services, the US government and even private companies are making every effort to ensure that these respectable citizens enjoy their post-retirement lives.

Few of the most important and common tax deductions that seniors and retirees can enjoy are:

  1. Medical and dental
  2. While selling their homes
  3. Lesser tax on their charities

People who are above 65 years and run a business are even entitled for a bigger tax deduction than young entrepreneurs.


The disabled (whether temporarily or permanently) in the country are also entitled to several policies and benefits. For instance, they may be eligible for SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance. While the US government offers Employee and Support Allowance (ESA) to the permanently disabled, large corporations – be it insurance or healthcare or automobile companies offer exciting discounts and easy payment methods to them.

The programs that companies offer might differ from state to state; for example, a car insurance company may cover your car in physical damage considering your disability, while it may not cover the same for an able man. Similarly, a New York based public transport company may offer you a 10% extra discount than to others.

Veteran Citizens

Veteran Citizens also enjoy benefits that youngsters can only dream of. Here is a quick list of few of the many benefits they receive:

  1. Housing benefits
  2. Financial assistance
  3. Lower interest rates on car and home loans

Few states also grant a supplemental burial allowance of up to $5000 to $10000; especially for military personnel killed in combat or while serving his duty.

Qualified veterans can also apply non-competitive employment programs in their respective states. A lot of veterans work in organizations where they do not have excessive work but are competent enough to perform the tasks.

How to Leverage These Benefits?

One way to enjoy these benefits to the fullest is to be aware of each of them. And you can always utilize modern technology like smartphones, computers, etc. to learn about such beneficial opportunities. With these gadgets you can not only access relevant information but can also fill out necessary documents, forms online and submit it.

There are plenty of benefits that disabled, veteran and retired men & women can take pleasure in. If you fall under any of these three categories, be sure to seek for these benefits in your state. Just commence researching about benefits in your respective state and download the appropriate form. Most of the times, it’s just that simple!

Author: Jimmy Simond

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