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Benedict Cumberbatch and JJ Abrams talk ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ villain, tests for Kirk and 3D

Director JJ Abrams and stars Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto have all dodged details associated with next summer’s “Star Trek Into Darkness.” New interviews from Korea, made available  on Friday reveal more about the “Into Darkness” villain and some new plot points.

Benedict Cumberbatch discussing John Harrison  screenshot of video

Benedict Cumberbatch discussing John Harrison screenshot of video

The site, Naver, has interviews with Abrams and the cast. Cumberbatch discussed his character, who is known to be John Harrison.

“He is an extraordinary terrorist of sorts. He uses himself as a warrior with weapons and close hand combat to just reap devastation and havoc wherever he goes and a trail of destruction follows him. What is interesting from an acting point of view — beyond doing the stunts and choreographed fight sequences….was also the psychological warfare that he acts out. He has an incredible ability to control people’s minds to his bidding and make them – well confuse the radar of their loyalties and prerogatives, so that was great fun. So it was a great mixture of intense acting scenes and action scenes.”

Abrams praised the “Sherlock” star and what he brings to the role as antagonist.

“Benedict is an amazing actor. He is someone who brings this incredible intelligence and depth and truth to whatever he does. When I saw Sherlock I thought “here is a guy who is making Sherlock Holmes into a character that I absolutely relate to, love watch, makes me laugh – I really feel for him. It’s Sherlock Holmes but someone Benedict Cumberbatch is  completely bringing it to life and making it real. We needed someone for this character who is going to ground the character and make him relatable and be frightening and intense and believable. Not because he is raving and insane but because he is rational. And he brought this incredible sense of sophistication and psychological complexity to the role and we were very luck to get him.”

Quinto discussed how Spock and Kirk are still in “different places.”

“I think [Kirk and Spock] operate from different places. This movie is no exception. It is just an undercurrent of who these characters are. I think in this movie in particular each of these characters learns from the other one about how more fully to be effective in their job and in their lives.”

The trailer really hints at challenges for Pine’s Kirk and Abrams detailed that further.

“This movie begins with this group already together….idea is that it is this group of people who are being tested in a way they have never been tested before. Especially one of the main characters played by Chris Pine who really has to sort of earn his position as captain and do everything he can to protect his crew.”

“Into Darkness” will be in IMAX and IMAX 3D, so the “Super 8” director discussed Paramount’s perspective and adapting the film.

“First of all the studio required us to shoot in 3D. They said we have to do that for the economics of it. So I was really bummed because I am not a huge fan of 3D at all. So approaching this thing I went in very cynically. I knew I wanted to shoot the movie on film. I knew I wanted to shoot it anamorphically, which means we couldn’t shoot it in native 3D. But I wanted to make the version of the movie that was that was the version I wanted to make in 2D. And I thought that if we can augment it and make it even cooler in 3D, then great. Well luckily we are working with an amazing stereographer and 3D crew and we have been doing work converting the movie. There is this myth that if you do a movie that is not shot natively in 3D then it will not look as good, which is absolutely not true. The look of the movie – there are some tricks and techniques that have never been used before. And the look of this 3D is beyond what we have seen before, especially with what you can do with IMAX. The frame of the IMAX is so much bigger than the 35MM frame. The resolution is so high. In this movie all the exterior shots are done in IMAX, whether filmed or rendered if it is a CG shot. So the cool thing there you have this massive scale plus the 3D. It is really going to be a cool experience for the audience.”

The film stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Alice Eve, Peter Weller, Bruce Greenwood and Noel Clarke.

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