Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

Ben Carson says VA can fold into DOD to reduce size of government

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared on the Dave Ramsey Show today and talked about reducing the size of government and one example was that “We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense.”

Carson says there needs to be a support system for soldiers that should assist “a year before their time of discharge to be working on their integration back into society. There shouldn’t be a period of unemployment when they come out of the military.”

Paul D. Eaton, a retired Army Major General and adviser to progressive political group VoteVets.org, said Carson’s plan was an insult to veterans.

photo donkey hotey

photo donkey hotey

“Rather than think of ways to nickel and dime our veterans, Dr. Carson should be thinking of other areas of fat in government – particularly in defense contracts – that can be cut, so we can hire more doctors and caregivers, to provide returning veterans with the kind of care they earned,” Eaton said in a statement.

The VA health system has been criticized during the Obama administration as some doctors manipulated wait lists and fresh questions over the availability of care for veterans.

Full quote from Carson: The other thing that has to be done, is the size of the government has to be reduced significantly. There’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing that doesn’t make any sense. We have a Department of Veterans Affairs. We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense. And it should be a smooth transition. We need to be looking at the way we take care of soldiers. You know, 14% down recruitment for our volunteer army right now. Why, because they are looking at what we are doing to our veterans. When a person applies for the military, they should be in a support system immediately from day one. Particularly when they go through combat because that is when all the trauma is occurring. And we should have people in place a year before their time of discharge to be working on their integration back into society. There shouldn’t be a period of unemployment when they come out of the military. And they should have a health savings account which allows them to go to any medical facility in the country and we should be delighted to take care of them. And we should use our VA facilities for specialized care for traumatic brain injury, limb replacements, and research.

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  1. Alan Crawford says:

    It’s about time somebody recognizes the VA for what it really is, as being nothing but a parasitic organization which thrives off of Veterans, rather than serving the needs of Veterans. We are talking about the 2nd most costly and 2nd largest Department within the entire Federal Government. Everything the VA does is designed to keep Veterans inside a perpetual hamster wheel, as a means to extort Congress and the Public for never ending budget increases to grow and grow the VA even larger, while Veterans just become VA waste!

    Just examine for example, the most recent bragging by VA officials, while pretending to have reduced the VA orchestrated backlog of Veteran Disability claims, when all that has really happened, is the VA has denied the overwhelming majority of those disability claims and moved them to other stacks of unresolved work, but shrewdly no longer counts those unresolved claims as claims -lol and the media incompentently reports this VA propaganda too!

    One thing the VA has never done; is to tell the truth about anything! It’s all statistical manipulations just like the old fashioned shell game of now you see it and now you don’t.

    To reduce claims, all the VA has done is to accelerate claim denials (and the VA has paid massive overtime to do just that.)

    Once a claim is denied, the VA then brags about having closed another claim (the overwhelming majority of all Veteran Disability claims are denied by the VA initially, after which the VA no longer counts those claims as claims.)

    The VA then uses the same word game puzzle to account for pending appeals (any denial of a claim for which a veteran disagrees). While hundreds of thousands of appeals may be stacked up at the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) at any given time, the VA hopes nobody will notice the other hundreds of thousands of denied claims which have been appealed by Veterans but not yet “certified” by the VA as BVA appeals (these denied claims remain in VA storage while the VA manipulates the flow of Appeals to the BVA) which are never again counted by the VA as claims (since they were denied) and never counted as BVA appeals until they are eventiually deemed certified by the VA as a BVA appeal. It’s all a VA game of hide and seek.

    Even worse, the BVA finds some reason (the VA hamster wheel in motion) to send nearly half of all BVA appeals right back to the VA offices from where they came, for even more of the same delays all over again.

    The bottom line; the difference between closing a claim and resolving a claim is something the VA doesn’t want you (the public) to understand, because the VA with rare exception, wastes many years of taxpayer money resolving each and every denied claim for which a veteran disagrees. 5 to10 year resolutions are commonplace for claim denials which are challenged by Veterans, but 10 or more years of senseless delays is not unusual at all in the non-productive world of the VA. Why should the VA even care, when Congress continues to write the VA blank checks year after year!

    Thus, the VA is thriving by keeping Veterans in a perpetual hamster wheel. There is not now and there has never been an authentic backlog of VA Claims or Appeals, but only a parasitic VA organization dependent upon keeping Veterans trapped within the VA self-created maze of waste.

    Some veterans never even survive long enough to resolve their VA Claim/Appeal, but nevertheless, the VA pats their self on the back for having closed another claim or appeal.

    Never forget, the VA is the 2nd largest and most costly department within the entire Federal Government, with a payroll higher than Mount Everest and a Waste Pit bigger than the Grand Canyon!

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