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Beginners guide to PRINCE2

The following article contains a small gist of the various factors involved in taking PRINCE2 certification. If you are looking for a lucrative career in project management, read on to find out how to successfully achieve it.

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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It is widely recognized as the world’s most popular method for managing successful projects. PRINCE2 places a strong emphasis on flexibility and scalability and harnesses the power of these principles to boost the success rate of projects. PRINCE2 is a detailed guideline of globally accepted standard practices, processes and methodologies to take charge of every aspect of Project Management.

What are the key features of PRINCE2?

  • PRINCE2 is an adaptable platform that can be useful for any project management, regardless of area of expertise. PRINCE2 can work in conjugation with other models for Project Management.
  • PRINCE2 divides Project Management into sizeable chunks that can easily be tracked and scaled for faster progress.
  • PRINCE2 method consists of 4 integrated elements: principles, themes, processes and project environment
  • PRINCE2 defines 7 themes, 7 principles, and processes as the primary best practices for good Project Management
  • PRINCE2 certified projects require strict adherence to each of the seven principles defined by PRINCE2.
  • PRINCE2 themes run in parallel with project functioning and can be tailored to specific project requirements.
  • PRINCE2 processes define the end-to-end project cycle, from initiation to closure. A checklist of recommended activities is provided with each process, to ensure deliverability.

Benefits of PRINCE2 for your career

  • PRINCE2 provides an effective method to easily manage all the resources available to you. It is a guideline that can be fitted to any kind of short-term activity requiring careful planning. Project Managers with PRINCE2 certification are effective at risk management and can help vastly minimize budget and time constraints.
  • PRINCE2 provides you an easy way to develop effective leadership skills that are crucial for successful Project Management
  • PRINCE2 is an accessible, globally recognized certificate that can add immense value to your CV
  • PRINCE2 certified Project Managers and team members are not only given higher preference during selection but are also subject to having a broader scope in terms of the number of opportunities they qualify for.

Benefits of PRINCE2 for your organization

  • PRINCE2 can easily be tailored to small or large organization requirements.
  • PRINCE2 gives the organisation a consistent approach towards successful project management, allowing for greater control over delegating responsibilities
  • PRINCE2 provides an easy method for initiating and closing small projects with shorter deadlines.
  • PRINCE2 allows business owners to organize large projects into manageable chunks. This way, tracking progress is very easy.
  • PRINCE2 allows for logical budget and time management and gives stakeholders more authority over goals and paths
  • PRINCE2 certified projects can garner more clientele to your organization

How to get PRINCE2 certified?

There are two certifications for PRINCE2 – foundation, practitioner. PRINCE2 Foundation training is ideal for team members as well as team leads who are looking for lucrative Project Management careers. PRINCE2 practitioners are experts at tailoring PRINCE2 methods for specific project requirements.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam consists of 60 questions with a passing grade of 30. It is a multiple-choice questionnaire lasting one hour. This exam is a closed book type. The PRINCE2 Foundation training will allow you to easily gain access to all the resources you need to pass the exam with ease.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam consists of 68 questions with a passing grade of 38. It is an objective testing questionnaire lasting two and a half hours. This exam is an open book type. Digital or physical printed PDF of the official PRINCE2 manual will be accessible to you during the examination. Having the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is mandatory for taking up the practitioner exam.

One must note that the Practitioner certification expires after 3 years. To renew Practitioner status, you can retake the test or maintain your status through CPD points.

PRINCE2 provides a focussed approach to successful project management. As it is a globally accepted platform, it can give you immense access to the latest innovations in successful management practices. Getting certified also gives you access to My PRINCE2, a large community of PRINCE2 practitioners across the globe striving towards better deliverability. You will also have access to a number of white papers and technical papers that will allow you to vastly increase your knowledge-base. You can take up PRINCE2 foundation certification at any time in your career. Unlike several other certifications, PRINCE2 is easily accessible and is highly recommended as the quickest way to get a badge on your social media profile to increase noticeability. 

Author: Harshith Kumar

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