Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Trolling Motor Accessories and Maintenance

A few motors are explicitly intended for trolling, an angling technique that utilizes angling rods and baits that are drawn crosswise over water. These motors empower fishing vessels to make the least conceivable noise to not drive off the fish and to make as least nuisance as could be expected under the circumstances. With regards to trolling motors, Minn Kota is the best in the business, since it offers an assortment of highlights and advantages that are not accessible anyplace else. Apart from Minn Kota trolling motors, you can also search for other brands that offer reliable trolling motor and accessories.

Like everything else, trolling motors have explicit parts. Some are extremely important to keep the motor fully operational, others are included for accommodation. For need and accommodation, it is prudent to buy every one of the trolling motor accessories and parts, despite that it isn’t mandatory. Be that as it may, When you might want your trolling motor to work its best, buy every one of the suggested accessories and trolling motor parts. Wondering what are those essential parts?

Coming up next are a portion of the must-have Minn Kota trolling motor parts that you shouldn’t miss if you are a frequent angler. Let’s take a look:

Mounting Brackets

One of the most common issues experienced in trolling motors is they will in general fall off when the vessel is vibrating fiercely. This is the motivation behind why the mounting section is a standout amongst the most vital trolling motor parts. It holds the motor set up when the vessel is vibrating. Minn Kota offers solid and tough mounting brackets for anglers who are looking for a dependable solution.

Pedals and Steering

Trolling includes moving starting with one spot then onto the next since the angling lines must be drawn over the water. Additionally, while moving, almost certainly, you would experience a school of fish than when you stay stable in one spot. This requires simple navigation when heading out starting with one spot then onto the next and the Minn Kota’s pedals and steering give just the best of both capabilities

Control Box Cover

The parts referenced are great and well and would work to your benefit, yet what use would they offer when they would just spoil under the heat of the sun or would rust because of the components that the marine environment brings to the table? For this reason, the Minn Kota Control box cover is intended to ensure and cover the control and different parts that would add to the overall usefulness of the trolling motor. With this trolling motor accessory, a more drawn out useful life would be ensured to the pieces of the motor.

With enough learning on the Minn Kota Trolling Motor parts, you could explore the web effectively to buy marine electronics, including trolling motor accessories of the best quality with moderate costs!

Tips for Maintaining Your Trolling Motor Accessories:

Now that you know some of the must-have trolling motor parts and accessories, it’s time to understand how you can take care of these items on your own. Doing so will help you make the most of your money and use the same parts for years. Let’s have a look some tips on maintaining common trolling motor parts:

1:- Lube & Grease Metal Parts

Just like everything else, each brand behind trolling motor parts or accessories is different. One thing that is common for all parts is to grease the metal parts, lube, or any metallic part of your motor that comes in contact with other metal to avoid friction.

2:- Props and Pulls

Minor ding in your motor’s prop can lead to the compromised performance of your trolling motor. It’s always better to check if it’s too banged up. If it is, you need to replace the prop and keep a backup that you can use whenever you need on the water

3:- Electrical Connections

The plug connecting your trolling motor to the power source is generally located upfront of the vessel, which may lead to damage over consistent use. This is where most water would splash and cause corrosion. While it takes time to be visibly noticed, your motor would need more amps by and by to run and perform like before. A few anglers run out of time and purchase new batteries and then repeat the process without knowing what’s causing the problem. Batteries of your trolling motor are yet another thing that defines your motor’s performance. Ensure each connection is tight and you have compatible batteries running your motor.while it might call for some extra money while buying, it’s definitely going to pay off in the long run when you would no more need to replace your batteries frequently.

4:- Check Your Brackets

Alike the bolts on your outboard, mounting brackets on a trolling motor need to be consistently checked and maintained. See if they are loose and tighten them every now and then. Bouncing around the water may leave an impact on the noise properties of your motor. Trolling motors that are mounted with nyloc nuts and washers generally requires the least maintenance. Rubber mounting motors are the ones that should be regularly checked.

5:- Line and Grass Under Prop

One of the most common issues, many anglers still skip checking behind their trolling motor prop for grass and fishing line. If you find your motor not working properly, make time to check the line and grass of the trolling motor prop. When the line gets wrapped deep, it may seal the damage happened and increase the cost of repair.  The best thing is to remove the prop nut once in a while and check for line and grass regularly.

So these are some useful points on the most widely used trolling motor accessories along with some tips to keep them in working condition for long. Follow the info shared above with care and you will be able to make your every marine adventure worth the effort.

Author: Daisy Bell

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