Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Nowadays, the tradition of turning up to an office for your traditional nine to five working day is feeling more and more outdated. Indeed, with so many jobs either being outsourced to robotic or computing technologies, and other service or creative jobs simply requiring a laptop and an internet connection, its never been easier to work from the comfort of your lap without having to stay in the same place to access a workplace five days a week. Becoming digital nomad takes a few steps, outlined below, so you can make the most of the changing nature of work in the modern era. You can even become a digital nomad on the road.



The first step is to find a way to make money while youre on the road. Once upon a time, this was something seen as a distant dream for those fortunate enough to hit on a lucky break, but there are a wide variety of options for the modern-day digital nomad to earn their cash. Find freelance work on the internet by advertising your skills on databases that are frequently searched for talented individuals, or set up social media channels to sell your products – or someone elses – while you’re out of the country. With the internet, the possibilities are endless.

Buy a Van

You may be drawn to the globe-trotting lifestyle now youre able to uproot yourself from the town in which youve been working, in which case get your passport and book your first flight to some new corner of the world. For those who like a few more creature comforts, though, getting on the road in a converted van, like any of those found on Vansales.com, with just a mattress and some essentials – a surfboard, cool box and beer crate, for instance – will provide that nomadic lifestyle without burning your cash away in paying for transportation costs or sacrificing some of your most treasured possessions.

Van Conversions

To make this state of affairs even more comfortable and enjoyable, join the huge cohort of people converting their vans into small but sensationally well-equipped motorhomes, saving you a heap of cash in buying an RV while also remaining discrete and mobile whether you plan to visit every state in the US or drive to Hong Kong the long way around. Wonderful guides are posted online that recommend tips for space-saving and the like so that youll be able to crack on with your project as soon as you can.


You have your remote-working job, and you have your converted van: now youre ready to become a digital nomad. Youll be able to transport yourself all around the world while paying for it from the comfort of your laptop, but the final stage of this journey to geographical freedom is to always guarantee connectivity. Thats thankfully an easy task in a hyperconnected world, but having an internet dongle or WiFi hotspot map will help you avoid those nerve-wracking moments when youre unable to send through your work due to a lack of internet.

Consider becoming a digital nomad today for a complete change in lifestyle that gives you total freedom in where you base yourself and what you spend your earnings on.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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