Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Beat the Heat with Portable Air Conditioner this Summer

Heatwaves have become a norm recently in hot regions. In extreme weather conditions, air conditioners bring a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. Cooling systems make it bearable to walk around the house without sweating a bucket. Central air conditioning and room air conditioners are commonly used in hot countries to beat the heat. Now, portable air conditioners are getting popular rapidly; their mobility and cost efficiency are the reason why people are opting for them these days. The best portable air conditioners are installed in offices to create a comfortable working environment for employees, while at homes they are used to stave the blazing heat off the rooms.

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Here are the reasons why you should use portable air conditioners to beat the sun this summer.

Can be Moved Around

Portable air conditioner can be moved from room to room easily, you can keep it in the rooms that are frequently occupied, unlike central air conditioning system where you can’t keep the air conditioning off. Some portable air conditioners have wheels attached underneath so the units can easily be moved anywhere in the house. You can move it to the bedroom for a comfortable night and move out to any other room in the morning.

Can be Installed Easily

Windows and split air conditioners require professional help for installation, but you can install the portable air conditioner yourself. You won’t need any expert technician’s help. Just read and follow the instructions that come with the package to install the portable air conditioner. Make sure you place the air conditioner near a window and an electrical outlet, so you can attach the hose on window using the window kit that comes with the air conditioner, and use the electric outlet to turn the unit on.

They are Energy Efficient

To protect yourself from extreme weather conditions, you need to plan your summer expenses to save money. For that you need to keep your bills down, and opting for portable air conditioners can help you achieve that. A central air conditioning system may cost a fortune, as it cools the areas of house that are not being used frequently, thus sky rocketing the bills which you might not be able to pay. Portable AC gives you control over which areas of your house needs to be cooler. So, why waste the money on a central cooling system?

Yes, portable air conditioners are energy efficient, but you must buy the right size of AC unit to save money. You can use 2 or more units to cool a 1,600 square feet house easily.

Use the Quick Cooling Unit on Special Occasions

Arranging an event on a hot summer day can be hellish, even the thought of sweating miserably is unbearable. If you need an extra cooling device on the special occasion, you might consider using portable AC unit to ward off excessive heat.

Portable ACs are best when you need an extra blast of cool air in the room. If you have your friends and family over on a special occasion, you are bound to need excessive cooling in the house. Keeping a large number of people in one area can be stifling, which calls for a quick blast of cool air. As the portable AC units provide instant cooling, you can use one to crank the cooling up as you please. You can even rent one if you need it for an event.

Author: Zainab Sheikh

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  1. Antonio says:

    Excellent write-up and I will be certain to look back later for far more articles.

  2. Jase Davidson says:

    Good, well thought out article. I can’t agree more that buy the correct size of unit for the area you are looking to cool is vital when it comes to getting g the most out of a pac unit. If it’s under powered you’ll be wasting energy and won’t get the room down to a desired temperature. But if it’s overpowered you’ll also be using up too much energy, not to mention cost.
    Jase Davidson

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