Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

Be Careful Backing Up iPhone Data in iTunes

I love my iPhone. Sure, there are some frustrations like with any electronic device, but by and large Apple has really improved my efficiency.

That being said, I discovered recently that everything I thought was being backed up, isn’t.

I thought that when I did a sync, all the data on the phone was getting saved on my computer, but that’s not the case and that multiple copies were being stored.

photo/ David Schwarzenberg

Here’s how iPhone backs up on your computer:

Via the Snyc feature in iTunes, you of course set up your phone to sync with iTunes when you plug it in.

how to backup iPhone to itunes  then will make a copy of of these major categories of data: your address book, apps, setting and preferences, calendar accounts/events, call history, camera roll, mobile me, map data, paired Bluetooth, sms/mms, voice memos, and trusted sites.

The problem is, your backup is only on your computer — not stored remotely, therefore if something happens to your computer, you no longer have a backup of your phone.

What to do?

The solution is to have another backup copy that you make or make sure your entire computer is backed up with online backup storage, like Mozy, Carbonite, or SugarSync.

Another important factor to consider is, there is only one copy of the data snapshot stored on your computer with iTunes. how to backup iPhone to computer Multiple copies are not kept. That means if you want to go back and see a copy older than the last one, you will have to go to Mac Time Machine or your other backup solution – online backup or otherwise.

Transferring music is very easy and there are lots of advantages If you use a iPod backup software:

  1. You can take backup of your music, videos, photos and everything else you have on your iPod.
  2. Apart from iPod, you can also backup iPhone to your computer using the same steps.
  3. You can transfer songs from computer to iPod without using iTunes.
  4. The software is not only meant for backing up iPod but It also acts as a medium for transferring your music, adding/deleting playlists, and lots more.
  5. You can create new play lists and edit existing play lists with great ease.

If you are not taking this seriously, you are always at risk to lose your favorite music accidentally.

Author: Joon Bloger

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