Published On: Sat, Dec 5th, 2015

Barcodes – How do they work in true sense?

Photo/Mk2010 via wikicommons

Photo/Mk2010 via wikicommons

Barcodes can be found everywhere starting from the detergent you purchase in a store, to the books you take from a library and your driver’s license. Although you are familiar to see barcodes regularly, most people do not think much as to how striped graphics seem to work or how they help business owners to run their business in the most efficient manner. Read on to know how barcodes actually work and how they are helpful for your business

to save both money and time.

  • Barcode to keep a track of your inventory – You may think to buy barcodes for keeping a record of your business’ inventory. This will enable you to remain at the top position where the items are located and the number of items that are in stock. An inventory tracking system includes a barcode scanner, a software and mobile computer. All inventory items have barcode labels and so, when you may take away an item from the stock, all you need to do is scan the barcode for lessening the number of counts in inventory tracking software.
  • Add up barcode tags to your valuable possessions – Despite having a small or a big business, you should add up barcode tags for all your expensive assets. This consists of your personal computers, laptops, projectors, tools and software. You need to put into action a tracking system for saving your money and keeping barcode tags ready. Barcode asset tags are attached with every asset and they can be scanned to check items in or out in the tracking software. This is actually a great way to improve accountability and make audits easier.
  • Make shadow book for retail store – There are small items like screws or groceries like vegetables and fruits that do not have barcode labels with them. You may use a shadow book or barcode scanning sheet for keeping check out line moving really fast.
  • Use the barcodes at the time of return mail – If your organization sells products that need registration, then you may add a barcode to return mail that matches with the serial number of the product. This will enable you to track the serial numbers that are already registered and which are yet to be done. Also, the customers will not have to trace and write down a lengthy serial number for them.
  • Include barcodes in mail merge – If you are all set to organize an event on behalf of your company, then you may add up barcodes to RSVP card. This will enable you to keep a track as to which customers have responded to the barcodes.
  • Include barcodes to invoices – If you want, you may send invoices to the customers. It is advisable that you add barcodes that denote invoice number of the individual so that when it gets returned with the payment, you can locate invoice number with ease. This can also avoid further problems like making payments to incorrect invoice or customer account.
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