Published On: Wed, Sep 29th, 2021

Ballistic helmets: Everything you wanted to know about the ballistic helmets

Ballistic helmets are more accurately known as bulletproof helmets. It is known as a tactical helmet which is designed in such a way to protect the head of the person wearing it from debris obtained during a blast, an impact that is blunt, and bullets. However, these helmets are not complete unless you wear a soft armor with it which will make the uniform complete. But if you are not comfortable with a soft armor, which offers the best comfort, you can try out the hard armor as well. 

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Where are the ballistic helmets and soft/hard armors used?

Generally, you will see these being worn by the members of the military when they prepare for combat. Aside from this, they are also used in situations where tactical conditions must be managed. But these bulletproof helmets are not just limited to just the members of the military, or the law enforcement people. 

You can also wear them being a civilian if you are looking for some extra protection if you happen to work in a forearm factory or perhaps your work demands extra protection. An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that presently, you will not find any material that can be called fully bullet proof. 

You might lay your hands on tactical equipment that might have the stamp of “bullet resistant” on it against a wide array of weapons but that itself should suffice. 

Always remember, before buying the ballistic helmets that not all bullet shots might escape but that does not necessarily mean that you will not be saved. 

What are the different types of bulletproof helmets that you can get?

Find here the types of bulletproof helmets and how they are used. These days you will find three types of helmets in the market. They are FAST or Future Assault Shell Technology helmet, MICH or Modular Integrated Communications helmet, and Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops helmet, also known as PASGT. 

Let us find out more about each in brief in the paragraphs below. 


  • PASGT or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops


This helmet boasts of the most influential design and is regarded as one of the oldest. It is available for general buying these days. It was made use of by the US military during the period ranging 1983 through mid-2000s. it also included a ballistic vest. 

Presently, it is used by US Army reserve and the US Navy sailors on the warships. When it comes to ballistic protection, it is a “gold standard”. 


  • MICH or Modular Integrated Communications


Regarded as the next generation of the above type of ballistic helmets, it was first released in the year 2001 after carrying out several experiments that required a helmet that would be much lighter, comfortable, but still offer adequate protection. On being adopted by the US Army in the year 2002, this helmet was known by the name ACH or Advanced Combat Helmet. 


  • FAST or Future Assault Shell Technology


FAST was manufactured by Ops-Core and was displayed at the 2009 SHOT Show. These days, several special operation forces use this type of helmet. 

You can get one depending on the requirement. And this applies not just for the helmets but also in the case of soft armor or the hard one, whichever meets the requirement.

Author: Jimmy Simond

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