Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

‘Avengers’ star Jeremy Renner talks ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,’ Gemma Arterton and the film’s action

Delayed from 2012, Jeremy Renner has gone from “The Hurt Locker” to blockbuster leading man in “The Bourne Legacy” and an action movie resume which now include “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” and of course, “The Avengers.” Now a Flicks and Bit interview published late on Thursday as the “Hurt Locker” stars talks about his next film.

Catching up with Hansel (Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) 15 years after the traumatic incident involving a gingerbread house, the siblings have evolved into vengeful bounty hunters dedicated to exterminating witches.

jeremy-renner-hansel witch hunters photo“Hansel and Gretal have become bounty hunters, they don’t like witches, for very good reason, right (laughs)? It was really important to all of us for Hansel and Gretal to have a deep bond, that was really really important – in going through such a tragedy, when you only have each other. They don’t have parents, witches have tried to eat them and what Hansel and Gretal have taken away is that you’ve got to take your personal anger and pain and do something good with it.”

Renner discussed how he was hooked on the idea before he even had the script.

“The initial attraction came from a little one-sheet I got, before I even got the script. It was something that ended up being in the movie, it’s of Hansel and Gretal walking away and a witch burning in the background, fire going up in the air. Hansel had a shotgun and Gretal has a crossbow, and they’re just walking away on this poster. I found it incredibly interesting, I don’t know why (laughs), but it was. And then actually shooting the film, it was how I imagined it would be – and even more so sometimes.”

“Witch Hunters” chemistry between the two stars is key and Renner praises the “Quantum of Solace” actress.

“Gemma is a real gem, that’s for sure! We were lucky to find her, we read a lot of really great actresses, it took along time. But the real trick in finding the right girl for this was… well, we kind of look a bit alike, but there’s also a weight she brings to things without actually having to do much – I don’t know what that is, I couldn’t tell you, but she has it (laughs). And between us, there was something already right there, it was natural. We couldn’t have been more lucky to find Gemma, she brings a wonderful depth to Gretel. She’s great.”

He continues and discusses more of the action, massive sets and stunts. Renner says it doesn’t always go smoothly for the lead characters.

“Hansel and Gretel get their butts kicked numerous times (laughs).”

Check out the full interview here

“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” also stars Famke Janssen, Zoe Bell, Peter Stormare, Thomas Mann and Derek Mears. The opens in theaters January 25, 2013.

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