Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

‘Avengers Endgame’ an epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga

So you want spoilers?

Well, Endgame is better enjoyed clean, free of certain details, many of which I won’t spoil, but it can be fun to talk about and clarify a few things.

Captain Marvel’s appearance

Remember back to some of the earlier trailers and the setup tied to the Captain Marvel end credits scene?

Well, that’s not in the film.

There is no pager, no drama or sudden appearance. She makes a heroic entrance and then we move to that war room sequence, discussing who is gone.

Thor finally engages the group and calls for Stormbreaker – that part is accurate.

Thor and Hulk in Time Travel suits

The white suits (see below) pretty much confirmed the time travel elements in the trailers and enough other details pointed to a Professor Hulk (the merger of Banner’s intelligence with the strength and body of the Hulk), so most fan theories pointed to Marvel hiding the Hulk suited up, or this incarnation, from officially being released.

What is being hidden is the condition of Thor, who is NOT the Thor you saw after Ragnarok, now pouting and pathetic in “New Asgard” with Korg and Miek on Thor’s couch, playing video games.

Tons of other characters make an appearance

Whether through a scene you’ve seen or a new twist, dead and forgotten characters get a revisit in Endgame.

Loki: Tom Hiddleston’s brief appearance is fun and creates one of those possible time travel blunders if their plan isn’t executed perfectly.

Peggy Carter: Hayley Atwell reprises Agent Carter and your heart melts as Cap struggles with leaving his past…again.

John Slattery as Howard Stark: The Russos added some emotion to Tony Stark’s backstory and the parenting narrative in the whole MCU.

Jarvis: James D’Arcy makes a quick cameo as Howard’s assistant, truly connecting Tony to Howard’s world.

Frank Grillo, Robert Redford, Maximiliano Hernández and Callan Mulvey all come back as those characters from Captain America: Winter Soldier and give fans an incredible Hydra moment (NO WAY I’m spoiling this one) as for a moment, we think we’re going to re-enact that incredible elevator fight scene.

Rene Russo as Thor’s mother, Frigga: this is truly an endearing part of the film, funny and yet really elevates her to a relevant figure in the MCU.

There deaths, returns, passing of the mantles, a laying down of titles and no clear spoilers for future teams or films (even though we know what’s brewing).

I’d love you comments and feedback, enjoy.

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