Augie Nieto tribute: Thanks Five for Fighting

The lyrics were so moving and reminded me of a hero that I hadn’t thought about in way too long. I first heard (i.e. read) about Augie in a Parade magazine.

“It’s not the breaths you take…It’s how to breathe”

Augie Nieto was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)in 2005 and responded by teaming with the MDA and created Augie’s Quest, which has since raised over $15 million to fight ALS.

From the Quest website:
“Augie and his wife, Lynne, live in Corona Del Mar, California. They have four children: Nicole, Danielle, Austin and Lindsay. He is a 1980 graduate in economics from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.

He says, “My first priority is to spend time with my family. What I learned later in my career is that it is not the quantity but the quality of time you spend that matters.”

Augie was co-founder and former president of Life Fitness and is now chairman of Octane Fitness. In September 2005, he received the fitness industry’s top honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lynne is a 1980 graduate in accounting from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She worked for more than 20 years in her family’s business. She retired in 2000, and both Lynne and Augie enjoy spending time together and traveling with their children.”1

What lessons we can learn.

One day you discover that you are strickened with a deabilitating disease, what would you do? How would you handle it?

I pray for strength and guidance daily. Augie’s testimony motivates me, reminding me to be grateful for the little things. This tear jerker of a song rings of the happiness we should all have.

Augie’s found what i’ve been looking for!!!

Complete lyrics for “Augie Nieto” by Five for Fighting2

Augie Nieto’s got a story to tell you
Though it’s hard to hear him speak
He caught lou gehrig rounding third one day
Now he’s happy as he’ll ever be

He’s running through the night
He’ll die before he sleeps
Augie’s found what i’ve been looking for

Augie nieto can tell you he loves you
He’s two wheels close to god
His captain lynn sailing by his side
He’ll never leave you lost

Though his arms can’t squeeze you tight
He’ll hold you when you sleep
Augie’s found what i’ve been looking for

Hey yeah hey yeah
Take it any way it goes
Hey yeah hey yeah
Open up your never mind
Open up your mind

Augie nieto has never been happier
You got to see to believe
He caught lou gehrig rounding third one day
Now he’s carrying the whole team

It’s not the breaths you take
It’s how to breathe
Augie’s found what i’ve been looking for

Augie’s found what i’ve been looking for

1. http://www.augiesquest.org/

2. http://www.lyricsreg.com/lyrics/five+for+fighting/Augie+Nieto/

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