Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

Atheists attack Christian churches with Santa billboards, no attack on Islam yet

Some new billboards Colorado from an atheist group again take aim at churches across America with the message “Go ahead and skip church! Just be good for goodness’ sake. Happy holidays!” next to an image of Santa.

Paid for by the group American Atheists, the billboards were put up in Colorado Springs and in Raleigh, North Carolina because they wanted to target more religious areas.

Just did an interview with @wcnc about our holiday billboards. Tune in tonight, North Carolina! pic.twitter.com/wNQmrEq6aV

— American Atheists (@AmericanAtheist) December 9, 2015

Nick Fish, the program director for the American Atheists, said that the billboard is meant to help get rid of atheist stereotypes.

“We want it to be either a little funny, or edgy, or provocative in some way, so when people see it, they stop and go, ‘Hey, wait a second, what did that just say?’” Fish told WCNC.

Fish said the group specifically targets certain areas, and that is why they chose North Carolina and Colorado this year.

“We always do this in areas where we think our message may not be heard as often,” Fish said. “So we try to go to places where they’re extremely religious, or there’s some sort of connection to evangelical Christianity.”

The billboard is expected to stay up through December.

American Atheists Santa skip church billboard attack christianity


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    • Ray says:

      Yes, a couple of years ago. Christians get mocked regularly, yearly at Christmas. We have more Muslims than ever, so let’s see the atheists ramp up their game against Islam, Sharia Law cases in court etc…

  1. Jfarrell says:

    Good, informative story but, that headline? It’s hard to see how this is an “attack on Christian churches. And what’s Islam got to do with it?

  2. Blue says:

    The title is really abrasive and misleading. This can hardly be called an “attack”, just some cheaky propaganda. Also, most atheists generally disagree with ALL the major religions that endorse cruel, regressive, and immoral ideas and practices, but writing ” church+synagogue+mosque+temole” etc” to include all religions would get silly.

  3. Robert P says:

    The piece is fine but your headline SUCKS!!!

    Show us where this billboard “attacks” anything!

    What the hell does “Islam”have to do with these billboards? Do they complain that we do not have a “draw jesus” day?

    This is the sort of headline that encourages nut cases to attack the innocent!

    • Ray says:

      “This is the sort of headline that encourages nut cases to attack the innocent!”

      What are you talking about? Where in the world are the atheists under attack?

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