Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

Atheists attack Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall over praise for Ken Ham’s Noah Ark attraction

The Christian Post reported that Casting Crowns, one of the most popular Christian rock bands, toured Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Lead singer, Mark Hall spoke about the event, comparing it to his visit to the Holy Land itself.

“I compare this to getting to go to the Holy Land for the first time, and there were all these pictures in your mind of what it would be like when we read Scripture… And just walking up… and seeing this boat… it’s all these abstract images… of what could have been, and you’re standing in it, and it really is a bit of a foundation for your mind to work with. It reconciles things.’

Atheists on Peacock Penache poked fun at the band, Hall himself and Christians who are like-minded.

“…getting that same feeling from touring a recreation (I use that term as loosely as possible) of an ark allegedly built thousands of years ago by a 600-year-old man, based on a 2500-word fable about a scientifically impossible global flood? Just, no.”

The author continued: “If visiting the Ark Encounter ‘reconciles things,’ then you possess the critical thinking skills of a 3-year-old.”

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Obviously the cynic doesn’t understand the perspective of a believer, which can be explained in scripture. Like many atheists, the author puts limitations on God, an all-powerful being and only offers up an attack limited by the mind of secularism.

“The Ark Encounter is purported to be a replica of Noah’s Ark, except for the fact it was built with materials that were unavailable thousands of years ago (like steel), with tools that were also unavailable (like cranes), contains features not invented/discovered yet (like electricity and HVAC), will not float, and is far too small to house two of each animal (including dinosaurs for Christ’s sake!), much less hold enough food to survive over a year.  And we won’t even get into the logistical dilemma of removing animal waste.

“So no, the Ark Encounter shouldn’t reconcile anything for you, unless you’re trying to illustrate the implausibility and unrealistic nature of this story. Yet sadly, Hall’s comments on the Ark Encounter will be touted by Ken Ham as an endorsement of his local economy-draining monstrosity and will reinforce the willful ignorance of other Young Earth Creationists who believe this crap.”

The conclusion: “If you’re into torturing yourself, check out shameless publicity whore Ken Ham’s Facebook Live recording of the visit with Mark Hall, where you’ll be treated to Ham’s unrivaled sense of humor and polished on-air presence.”

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