Atheist Keith Parsons likens Alabama voters to Taliban, a cult and drug addicts for electing Roy Moore

It’s no surprise that an atheist would object to vocal Christian like Judge Roy Moore pursuing a seat in the U.S. Senate. What may be surprising is how deranged and demented Keith Parsons was willing to go in his latest article “Roy Moore and the Tide of Irrationality” for Patheos, where Alabama voters are called “defiantly, adamantly ignorant” and labeled the “American Taliban.”

The atheist professor of the philosophy of religion at the University of Houston starts with the background on Moore as a judge before concluding that “Moore’s success shows that it is impossible for a candidate to be too right-wing for Alabama voters.”

Frank Turek’s “I Dont have enough faith to be an atheist”

Too right-wing? Is there a “Too left wing” for the Democrats? Bernie Sanders was wildly popular and he’s a socialist.

“Moore is as far as you can go on the ideological scale; they just do not come any purer. He is a Bible-believin’, gay & lesbian hatin’, gun totin’, evolution denyin’, put-God-back-in-the-schools True Believer. It is a fair supposition that the voters that supported him also fit that description.”

Moore is indeed all of those things and the left can’t stand it. Parsons claims to take a “rational approach” before asking “How do you deal with the American Taliban? Obviously, rational argument is out.”

Yep, Taliban.

“I once heard people of Moore’s ilk described as those who will believe anything you tell them—except the truth,” Parsons states, never revealing where the remark came from…perhaps Bill Maher or a host from MSNBC.

“How can you convince the proudly, defiantly, adamantly ignorant? What about ridicule?” Parsons contemplates before blending his condescending tone with the delusional arrogance of a Hillary Clinton voter before noon on election day.

“But ridicule only works on those who have a sense of shame, and those who are doing the Work of the Lord can feel no shame.”


Parsons then compares Moore supporters, believers in Jesus Christ (presumably only Christianity is on trial here), to drug addicts: “Normally, the wisdom would be to fight an idea with another idea. However, what we are dealing with here is much deeper than an idea; it is much more like a cult. If an individual is immersed in a cult, he or she can be deprogrammed, but how do you deprogram millions? Ideologies are also like addictions. A system of invincible dogmas works on the mind like an opiate, creating a strong dependence that requires regular infusions of the drug. Addicts can become sober, but it is a long and difficult process, and cannot be done at all unless the addict is genuinely committed to change. Again, though, if you are doing the Lord’s Work , you will have no motivation to change, whatever defeats or frustrations you encounter.”


Parsons confesses that the Democrats are in “shambles” with no solutions or hope in sight. Like many atheists, that is all Parsons can bring to the table: broad insults and attacks on churchgoers, voting with their values and morals: marriage is between a man and a woman; the second amendment is a right; Christianity in schools didn’t destroy lives and microevolution is true but macroevolution is only a theory and intelligent design is worthy of consideration.

Yep, sounds just like Taliban….or a cult…..no, sorry a drug addict.

The offer here is a culture where marriage is between anyone or anything; guns kill people are bad and the state can protect us; evolution is settled science and everything has been created through the unguided random processes; there are no consequences to pornography, promiscuity, sex education or abortion and the intellectualism from the left will give us all the answers.

The modern atheist spewing vitriol and hate have become the ideologues they claim to hate. They are arrogant and intolerance, hurling insults and attacks in hollow posts like this one. Parsons is an awful person for comparing a pew warmer from Alabama to the Taliban.

These atheist extremists are going unchecked and unchallenged. They are supportive of Democrats voting God out of their platform, seeking an America void of religion and yet claim to hold some moral compass to hold this society together. They rally support for baby butchers like Planned Parenthood, echo the lies of a biased media and prop up divisive figures like Richard Dawkins or Maher.

Maybe the Alabama voters just see the two options and feel Moore’s worldview gives them hope and richer sense of belonging and value.

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