Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Asus’ Zenbo Robot provides home control, calling benefits, much more

Here is cute little gadget from Asus, unveiled at the ongoing Computex. Better known as the Zenbo— this home robot was certainly on trend with the latest renditions from the company but still surprised many when Jonney Shih, Chairman, Asus announced the same on stage. According to him, Zenbo will certainly transform the way we look at basic robotic computing, dedicated to household requirements. Asus eyes an encore of sorts by imbibing companionship, entertainment and assistance— all in one gadget.

Some might consider Zenbo to be an ally for older people but Shih begs to differ as the gadget can seamlessly connect with the homebound devices— both conventional and unique. This home robot can scrutinize the home camera, unlock mechanized doors, turn on/off household gadgets and do a lot more— provided the right languages are fed in.

photo Zenbo by Asus

photo Zenbo by Asus

Peeping into the technicalities— Zenbo can roam around with freedom besides taking directions, via voice commands. The cute little face functions as a touch interface— allowing one to shop online, put out video calls and even connect to your Showbox App for streaming videos— only if it isn’t blushing.

Asus believes to have taken baby steps towards making Zenbo a household name but the attributes do look pretty advanced for something as new as this. This home robot will be offering spoken reminders to the owners and important messages to the family members in case of a homebound mishap. For better detailing, Zenbo’s built-in camera can always capture the minutest of situations. This robot has something for everyone— including the kids as it can dance awkwardly to music and read out stories from its embedded library.

Zenbo also offers a secure console which can be accessed via login accounts and passwords. It can also work as an autonomous stick for clicking out selfies. Here is an advanced robot that doubles up as a stereo system for your home— streaming music, animations, cartoons and absolutely everything. Finally, as a user, you won’t be missing your Showbox tablet with Zenbo around.

Asus is seen promoting the developer program for Zenbo— offering free access to the third-party enthusiasts who can now create ideas and put them to work. Zenbo’s SDK can now be accessed and improved upon— if this robot is to become an all-encompassing entity, in days to come.

That said, we all remember Softbank’s existing home robot, the Pepper and Zenbo will surely be compared to the same, in due course of time. However, Zenbo is still in a formative phase and should take tips from its taller contemporary— on inculcating tempting reasons for users to buy the same. If Zenbo can provide us with a reason for its existence, the $599 price tag might just look nominal in future.

Author: Richard Smith

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