Published On: Sun, May 15th, 2016

As More States Weigh New Laws for Animal Deaths Consider These Essential Tips for Pet Summer Safety

Issues surrounding animal safety in the summer has become such a significant problem that some states, including Michigan and 16 others, are in the process of passing or have already enacted legislation regarding the death of animals in certain situations.

News regarding the possible law in Michigan was recently announced, and if the legislation is passed it could mean up to five years in prison for offenders. Ultimately pet owners can ensure the health and safety of their animals regardless of the seasonal conditions by taking simple steps like those listed below.

Keep Animals Hydrated

Many of the safety tips us human are meant to follow in the summer and when the weather is hot are the same for our pets. One of the biggest safety concerns for pets is dehydration. Whether you leave your dog outside for a portion of the day, or you take your pet with you on hiking trips or various excursions that involve spending a lot of time outside, it’s essential that you also take water and containers with you. Signs of animal dehydration can include dry gums, increased lethargy and a decrease in skin elasticity.

the dog who saved summerOther Wildlife

You may not even consider this, but other wildlife can pose a threat to your animals. In particular, snakes tend to be out and about when the weather is warm, and they may hide in tall grass and sneak up on your pet, even in your own yard. The same can hold true for cats. If your pet is going to be outside, try to keep an eye out and survey for snakes as much as possible. If you suspect your pet has been bitten, take them to the vet immediately.

Tick Bites

The more your pet spends time outdoors, the more likely it is to be exposed to ticks. Over recent decades, there has been a lot more laboratory research done on animals regarding the impact of tick bites and more specifically, Lyme’s Disease. It’s also a disease that’s gained more visibility in the media because some medical professionals are suspecting it can be a more serious health concern than previously believed. Along with giving your pet a preventative tick treatment, it’s also a good idea to do a thorough check of your pet’s skin and fur after every outing. This is important to protect not just your pet, but your entire family.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a very real problem for animals, and while it can be prevented, it continues to a pervasive problem. Pets should never be left in a car, particularly when it’s very hot outside, but pet owners should also be mindful of how long their dogs are outside. If it’s too hot for you as a human to be outside for more than a few minutes, the same holds true for your pet. To avoid extreme heat, try to take your dog for walks in the cooler hours of the day. Summer is also a good time to give dogs a haircut.

Simple Animal Safety Tips for Summer

The summer is a lively, active time for most of us, and that includes our four-legged family members, but there can also be risks associated with pets and the warm the summer months.

Summer is a time when it’s important for pet owners to be particularly vigilant. With that in mind, above are essential tips every pet owner should know as the weather heats up.

Guest Author: Carmelo Hannity

Photo/Femke Jenkins Photography

Photo/Femke Jenkins Photography

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