Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2019

Arnon Dror: Inspiring Young Leaders

Arnon Dror is something of a local celebrity here in Portland because of the way in which he has used his success to give back to the business community around the Portland, Oregon area. Arnon is a man who has found high level success in his own business life and he is someone who has always looked to perfect his craft within business, even after such a long time in the game. For the last 15 years or so Arnon has been using his power for good and helping a great number of young, business minded people to get up the ladder, and here is how he has done it.

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My first interaction with Arnon was actually in my college where I was studying business and he cam in to give a talk on the death of the high street and the emergence of the online sales world. He may have only been in that lecture theater for an hour but what he said in that hour was something which stayed with myself and many of my fellow students for a long time. Arnon regularly makes time to go and speak to young entrepreneurs and business students, using his experience and his know-how to inspire, engage and motivate.

Early Days

Arnon has an organization in place which looks to support new businesses which are being opened up and in my first year of business he was instrumental in my creation of a solid foundation for my company. During those early years Arnon and his team were trafficking clients and contacts to me who I was able to use to further advance my company. There is absolutely no reason for him to do this other than the fact that he wants to see younger and fresher business minds do well in the industry. It would be easy for Arnon to ignore new businesses, or even beat them into submission but he instead prefers to give something back, something which I personally am very grateful for.


Arnon doesn’t just help out with new businesses and students here in Portland, Oregon, he also gives many young minds a great chance to get started in business with work experience opportunities in his own company. I was very lucky to spend 3 months within his organization during which time Arnon was able to mentor me a great deal, giving me the confidence and the abilities which would see me launch my own company a year later. In this regard Arnon does far more than simply talk the talk, he also walks the walk and makes sure that he gives time, effort and education to hungry young individuals who wish to care out a successful business career for themselves.

Not only has Arnon Dror inspired me to be a better business person in terms of managing finance, spotting trends, delivering a great product and creating the best teams, he has also inspired me to do as he has done and help others in the community.

Author: James Daniel

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