Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Are You Planning a Boat Party? Here’s What You Need to Consider from the Start!

If you are planning to organise a boat party, then you must be wondering about the various details that are involved. But boat parties are easier to organise than parties on land. Although the same basic parameters exist here as in any other party, boat parties are relatively cheaper to organise and require less effort in planning. You just need to have a few basic ideas and designs figured out, and the rest will automatically fall into place. In this article, you will learn about some of the basic things which you need to decide upon before finalising your boat party.

photo courtesy of boatactuator.com

Time, place and date

Decide on the time of your party, morning, afternoon, evening or night. During the evening, the weather will be the most accommodating; it will be neither too chilly nor too warm. Choose a location where your guests can come without much delay or problem or inconvenience. The date should be somewhere in the middle of the month because, towards the beginning, people will be busy with their early monthly commitments like paying bills, and buying their monthly supplies while towards the end of the month, most people will have too much work pressure to meet their monthly deadlines.


Music sets the mood up for any party. These days’ boats have live music performers playing every type of music. You can hire a DJ to play the best chart toppers; you can also bring your mp3 song list and play them over the boat’s music system. You can have a live music session with your guests too where you all bring your musical instruments and have a jam session.


What beverages do you want to provide for your guests? All of your guests may not have the same preferences. It is best if you ask guests to bring their alcohol along depending on their tastes. You can also order Champagne which works for everyone, classic red wine. Rum and beer would do for most men. Cocktails can be prepared by the catering staff on the boat too.


You can decide whether you will get a catering service to provide the food or whether you would require the guests to bring food along, and organise a feast where everyone contributes. Both types are fun. Also, if you do hire a catering service you can choose the type of food to be prepared, like, vegetarian only, seafood only, etc. or whether they would have to match with any specialised themes also. Nothing can be better than checking out the Thames boat party for your upcoming party.


Boat parties are popular these days because of the many advantages they offer which traditional parties don’t. They give you a chance to combine all the best aspects of a traditional party and roll them into one to create one scintillating experience of a lifetime. The best part of boat parties is that you can spice it up in so many ways. Hopefully, this article would have given you some idea about the various details you need to be aware of when you are throwing a boat party.

Author: Charlie Brown

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