Published On: Wed, Jun 16th, 2021

Are stainless-steel autoclaves worth it for hospitals?

According to Celitron, there are many reasons why a hospital should opt for a stainless-steel autoclave. Read on to find out why one of the most popular steam sterilizer manufacturers recommends this particular type of autoclave for medical facilities!


Why are state-of-the-art autoclave chambers made of stainless steel? 

Stainless steel may have higher upfront costs compared to other materials such as aluminum, wood, plastic, or nickel, but the long-term benefits largely outweigh this difference in price. Stainless steel is significantly more durable and can withstand scratches, repeated impacts, as well as high temperatures, which is imperative in the medical industry. Since modern autoclaves operate using high-temperature steam that ranges between 121 and 134 degrees, it is imperative to choose a material that can withstand such heat in the long term.

Another important factor in choosing a stainless-steel autoclave for the sterilization of hospital equipment and waste is that stainless steel is much less prone to corrosion which is especially important in the medical industry since the chamber of autoclaves will need to be able to come into contact with medical corrosives and body fluids regularly.

What should you look for in a stainless-steel autoclave?

Basically, considering the long-term sterilization needs of hospitals, stainless-steel autoclaves represent a much more cost-effective and sustainable medical solution. Especially if they are coupled with an electric steam generator, which can provide a clean steam source for buildings where water quality is not optimal. Not to mention that it can greatly improve the effectiveness of stainless-steel autoclaves by reducing sterilization cycle and drying times, regardless of water quality.

The cleaning and maintenance of stainless-steel autoclaves also plays an important role in their longevity and reduces the risks of corrosion over long-term use. Especially if you use a clean steam source provided by an electric steam generator. Steam sterilizer models with an automatic operation are also much easier to maintain and clean.

Class B stainless-steel autoclaves are also more versatile compared to class N and S steam sterilizers since they can be used for the sterilization of many more materials. Since hospitals use a large variety of equipment, it is imperative that they have an on-site solution that can deal with the materials they use for the treatment of patients.

They can also be further customized to suit the specific needs of hospitals, and can come with very large capacity stainless steel chambers ranging from 110 liters to 880 liters! They also come equipped with extra safety measures which will prevent anyone from opening the door of the chamber while pressure and temperature levels are still too high.

One of the best long-term medical solutions: 316L stainless-steel autoclaves

There are several grades of stainless-steel autoclaves on the market. 316L stainless steel (also known as A4 or marine-grade steel) is among the most high-grade materials available for autoclave chambers, and provides even greater resistance against corrosion compared to other stainless-steel grades like the 304. 316L stainless steel autoclaves can also greatly withstand high-temperature environments coupled with their excellent resistance to corrosion, they are one of the best choices available for hospital use.  

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