Published On: Fri, Mar 19th, 2021

Are Porcelain Tiles Worth The Money?

When it comes to home improvements, there are so many things to think about and options to consider, it can become quite a headache when trying to decide what is the best choice for you and your home. 

One area that always seems to cause extra worry and stress, however, is your floor. Do you go for something modern or more contemporary? Do you go for carpet or tiles? If you pick tiles which material should it be? So many questions and considerations to think about. 

Well, over the years more and more homeowners are opting for porcelain flooring. Whether it’s in the inside of their home or outside, porcelain tiles are quickly becoming the flooring product used in garden restorations and home redesigns up and down the country. But why? Porcelain tiles have traditionally been more expensive than their natural stone counterparts, so why are people opting for these over a cheaper option? 

Read on to find out why homeowners are going porcelain and why porcelain tiles are definitely worth the money! 

photo/ ImageParty via pixabay

Why Porcelain Tiles are Worth the Money 

As mentioned, porcelain tiles have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking to freshen up their floor space. Not only do they look stunning in almost any setting but they also offer outstanding benefits that natural stone tiles simply cannot match. 

If you’re sat there wondering what these may be, we’re going to run through a selection of them so you can see what the fuss is all about! 

Low Maintenance 

The first reason why porcelain tiles are worth the price they demand is the incredibly low maintenance benefits that they offer. Unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles have a very low porosity level of just 0.05%. This means that naturally, porcelain tiles do not hold onto water and therefore require no sealing for additional protection from moisture. This allows the tiles to have a wipe-clean finish and not an intensive cleaning routine. All that is needed is the occasional jet wash with warm, soapy water – perfect! 

More Robust 

The second reason why you should choose porcelain tiles is that they are much more robust than natural stone tiles and as a result, can withstand more. During the manufacturing process, porcelain tiles are baked at extremely high temperatures which produces a denser and more hard-wearing material. The raw materials used are fired up to create glass substrate throughout the body of the tile, producing a very strong and durable final product. This makes porcelain tiles perfect for use in high-traffic areas indoors or out! 

photo/ Prima Porcelain

Thicker Profile 

Until very recently, porcelain tiles were only produced in a relatively thin profile of around 9-12mm. However, thanks to advances in the manufacturing process, they are now able to be made in a much thicker profile of 20mm, resulting in a sturdier finished product. A bonus of this thicker profile is that unlike thinner tile options, 20mm porcelain tiles can be dry-installed without the need for cement or adhesive. Ideal if you’re looking for a mess-free installation.

High Resistance to Fades, Scratches & Slips 

As a result of their unique manufacture, porcelain tiles have an incredible resistance to all types of scratches, abrasions and fading. The high temperatures involved during their production that we mentioned above ‘vitrifies’ the tiles which not only gives them a more robust finish that resists moisture and damage but locks in the colour so that the tiles never fade. 

Create a Seamless Transition 

The final reason why we think porcelain tiles are worth their price is because you can create a beautifully seamless transition between your exterior and interior space using them. For outside, you can install high-quality patio tiles that lead into your home where they meet your indoor tiles of the same design, merging your outdoor and indoor areas into one stunning space.

These are the top reasons why we believe porcelain tiles are worth the money they demand. Long gone are the days of worrying about staining your new tiles with a tipped glass of wine or stressing about their beautiful colour fading from being exposed to the sun. Porcelain tiles are truly a stress-free, stunning flooring option that will leave your interior or exterior space not only looking as beautiful as ever but for years and years to come. 

Author: Lauren Debnam

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