Published On: Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

Are Plant Based Vitamins Healthy?

Many people from all around the globe are not getting enough nutrients from their diet alone. Vitamins and other dietary supplements are apart of a $30 million industry annually just in the US. Today, over half of the US population rely on synthetic nutrients to help meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance daily, but unfortunately, many vitamins are not created equal. 

The market is loaded with different capsules, tablets, and powders that state to help with one thing or another, however many times these synthetic supplements are created from questionable sources that come from a lab. Synthetic nutrients, also known as isolated nutrients, are made artificially in an industrial process and they do not include any whole food supplements like plant based vitamins

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What are Plant Based Vitamins?

Plant based supplements are made from vegetables, fruits, spices, seeds, bark, flowers and other botanical ingredients. The process can be a little lengthy, but it usually starts with a plant that is already naturally nutrient dense. Manufacturers will then use a variety of methods to extract the nutrients from the plant to create a supplement that meets the full Recommended Dietary Allowance making it an ideal addition for those looking to bridge the nutritional gap. Here are some of the common vitamins and minerals found in plants and what they supplement:

  • Fruit and berries – vitamin C
  • Mushrooms – vitamin D
  • Algae – omega 3
  • Seeds – magnesium
  • Chickpeas – zinc 
  • Curry leaves – calcium 

Your body is very smart. It knows the difference between synthetic and natural ingredients. Back in the day, our ancestors did not have chemical labs to create vitamins and minerals. Instead, they relied on nutrient packed plants that came from the earth. Your body was not designed to consume artificial products. This is why studies have found that all-natural healthy food absorbs better in the body than chemicals. This is also why plant based supplements are better when looking to incorporate a vitamin into your daily routine. Natural ingredients are not only better for you, but they just work better with the body. 

Plant based vitamins are extremely healthy as they are minimally processed and offer several advantages over synthetic supplements. Some of the best benefits are:

Lower Toxicity Risk

Did you know that if you consume too many vitamins it can be toxic? Both synthetic and plant based supplements carry a risk, however, it is much lower coming from plant based vitamins being natural ingredients. 

Bioavailability is better

Simply put, bioavailability is how easily your body can absorb nutrients. Studies have shown that all-natural whole foods are the core of a nutritionally complete diet including supplements that you might use to maintain your health. Since your body is able to absorb natural ingredients much easier than synthetic supplements, plant based vitamins have much better bioavailability.

They are Vegan and Natural

Have you ever had a supplement that you tried taking, but just couldn’t due to the awful smell or taste? Plant based vitamins are a huge hit in the health and wellness industry because they are not loaded with nasty chemicals making most of them tasteless with no smell. Most vitamins that are plant based have:

  • No synthetic colorants
  • No harmful derivatives
  • No indigestible binders
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • No fillers

Plant based vitamins are also a hit in the vegan community as most supplements contain no animal byproducts, gelatin or gluten. 

Plant based vitamins have been growing in popularity and for good reason! These healthy whole food supplements offer a lower toxicity risk, better bioavailability, and are natural and vegan making them a great choice for anyone looking to better their health!

Author: Jacob Maslow

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