Published On: Wed, Sep 22nd, 2021

Are More Young Men Developing ED?

A condition that is more common than you might think, erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) can be a challenging topic of conversation among men. There is a certain level of social stigma to the health condition, and an inability to be successful in the bedroom can understandably be a sensitive area for discussion. Yet discussion is vital here, as many men with ED go underdiagnosed and untreated, meaning they’re not enjoying their best sex lives. Whilst ED becomes more common with age, younger men often experience the condition as well, and there seems to be an upward trend of young adult males having ED. The pharmacists over at Pharmica online pharmacy explore this phenomenon below.

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is defined as the inhibition of a sustained erection during sexual arousal, leading to incomplete sexual intercourse. The sexual health condition is characterised by either the inability to achieve an erection initially, or for the penis to become flaccid prematurely during sex before ejaculation has been achieved. 

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

ED occurs when there is insufficient blood flow to the penis, necessary for enabling and maintaining an erection. The main reason this happens is due to a restriction in the blood vessels, perhaps by a narrowing of the blood vessels, preventing adequate amounts of blood to flow normally. The other cause of ED is that the PDE-5 enzyme responsible for stopping your erection (usually only being released after sex is complete) is released too early and the erection therefore can’t be maintained. There are a number of factors that contribute to these occurrences, such as cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, as well as more behavioural factors. Different factors are more likely to be the cause of ED depending on your age – below are the likely causes that younger men are experiencing ED.


Nutrition plays a key role in many facets of health, and ED is no different. Overeating on junk food and food with high levels of fat significantly increases your chances of developing ED, as the fat and cholesterol binds to the walls of the arteries and hardens, causing the blood vessels to narrow in diameter. This increases blood pressure and circulation, and inhibits sufficient blood flow to the penis when required. Eating poorly is linked to developing diabetes, and diabetics on average develop ED between 10 to 15 years earlier than those without diabetes. Obesity is another risk factor for ED, one that eating junk food encourages. The prevalence of cheap fast food and fast food delivery services, adopted initially by young people, may aggravate the issue.

Drinking alcohol regularly or in large volumes is associated with the development of erectile dysfunction, a past time that younger adults partake in more so than the average adult. Lockdown has also increased the purchase of alcohol from supermarkets, and young men are most likely out of all demographics to engage in a binge drinking session.

Illicit Drug Use

The UK has the highest rate of cocaine usage among young people in Europe, and despite people thinking that the drug can enhance a sexual experience, used frequently the substance can often contribute to ED. It tightens the blood vessels and prevents sufficient blood flow. Those smoking marijuana have also been linked to increased rates of ED, and late teens/young adults are the biggest consumers of the drug.

Mental Health

Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are prevalent in young adults, and can disrupt one’s sex life considerably. These conditions can alter the libido, making the right mindset difficult to get into prior to sex. Performance anxiety is another possible ED contributor, however factors such as stress are more common.

Additionally, the wide availability of pornographic material enables porn overconsumption, something that makes the viewer desensitised to more normal sexual experiences, and so when it comes to physical sex, they are insufficiently aroused, and ED may occur.

How to Treat ED

This might all seem a bleak prospect for young men, however all is very much not lost. There are numerous erectile dysfunction treatments that encourage an erection to be achieved and are successful in doing so in very little time. Medication includes the widely popular Sildenafil, which is a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor, and can help achieve an erection in 30 minutes after taking. Other treatments such as Cialis or Tadalafil work in a similar way, but take effect in half the time.

Author: Toby Watson

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