Published On: Fri, Feb 7th, 2020

Are Flavored CBD Oils a Good Choice?

Is It a Good Idea to Get Flavored CBD Tincture?

You’ve probably seen flavored CBD tincture around the internet, but you might not know much about them. What do you know about flavored CBD oil?

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There are plenty of ways to use CBD. That includes CBD tincture, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and much more. Different methods of taking CBD work better for different people. But what about flavored CBD oil? Flavoring a CBD oil isn’t exactly like flavoring other products. If you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about flavored CBD tincture, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

What Is Flavored CBD Oil?

First off, what is flavored CBD tincture? Just by its name, you already know a little bit about it: it’s a CBD tincture that has a different flavor added to the mixture. A high-quality flavored CBD oil should only be CBD extract, a carrier oil, and a little bit of flavoring. Most high-quality manufacturers use extremely strong flavoring extracts, so each bottle has only a tiny amount of flavoring.

You can certainly find CBD tincture in a variety of flavors. Some manufacturers offer artificial flavors, while others stick only to naturally-sourced flavors. These flavors give you a slightly different experience when you take CBD oil, so flavoring can make it easier for sensitive people to take CBD.

Are Some CBD Tinctures Non-Flavored?

Of course, flavored CBD oils aren’t the only CBD oils out there. CBD itself has a slight flavor, which some people actually really enjoy. This flavor can add to your CBD experience all on its own. Consider trying CBD without flavor first so that you can see whether you actually like how CBD tastes by itself.

If you don’t want added flavors, but you also don’t really enjoy the flavor of CBD by itself, you may want to consider taking CBD in a different method. Most CBD in capsules, for example, doesn’t have flavoring because you never actually taste the CBD tincture inside. That might make for the easiest ingestion method for extremely sensitive tongues.

What Flavors Are the Most Popular?

Different flavors are popular with different crowds. On the one hand, you might want something that’s more of a delicacy, like Charlotte’s Web’s Mint Chocolate flavor. If you want something that has a distinct flavor, but still tastes natural, consider a citrus-themed flavor like Charlotte’s Web’s Lemon Twist or Orange Blossom.

Olive Oil, another Charlotte’s Web flavor, is actually the unflavored version of Charlotte’s Web’s CBD tincture. All CBD tinctures need a carrying oil, and Charlotte’s Web has chosen to use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as its carrier oil for this unflavored option. Therefore, if you take the fully unflavored Charlotte’s Web CBD tincture, you’ll get an incredible olive oil taste.

Should I Buy Flavored CBD Tincture or Non-Flavored?

Both flavored and unflavored CBD tinctures have their place. Certain people swear by certain flavors, but just because your best friend recommends a certain flavor, it doesn’t mean you have to choose that flavor. Remember that you’re the one who will be taking the CBD, so it’s ultimately most important that you choose a CBD tincture that you really enjoy.

At the end of the day, what’s much more important than flavoring is quality. Charlotte’s Web focuses hugely on the quality of its products, ensuring that every piece is perfect. With third-party analysis, extremely high-quality ingredients, and a dedication to making the best product possible, you can’t go wrong with Charlotte’s Web’s CBD tincture.


Whether you choose to go with flavored CBD oil or you decide that you actually want to go unflavored, CBD oil can be tremendously helpful for many different people. Why not try out one of these CBD tinctures today and see how they can help in your life? Browse through the variety of Charlotte’s Web CBD tincture options and find out more about their potential benefits for you.

Author: M Fariq

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