Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2018

Apple Launches the Mojave Beta 7

What’s New?

Mac OS Mojave beta 7 has bought a multitude of new features of Mac’s operating system. With these features, users are able to fully utilize the system, create better apps, and enjoy its improved interface.

In the 2-4 Beta edition, we noticed some changes within the mac os x driver development. Here are the important changes Apple’s team implemented on their products:

  • Second Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper.
  • Mac App Store is slightly narrower, as its ideal for smaller displays.
  • Home app removes the existing wallpapers, now having three additional color options.
  • Mac now has a dark map in Dark Mode.
  • Grab app is replaced with screenshot.

This means that developers can use Mac OS Mojave to help practice creating apps. By doing this, developers can take the time to test the apps before launching them. Through these new developments, Apple will continue to grow and improve as a company. So continue reading to learn more about the mac os x driver development!

photo Gerd Altmann via pixabay

How Can I Use the MacOS Beta?

To obtain one, you’ll have to buy one from Apple’s Developer Program for $99. Developers can obtain the beta version of the software and use it on their computer.  

Also, Apple releases a free beta version to the general public. Since it’s in beta mode, it’s not as reliable as most official release versions.

  • Enhanced password support, including the ability to control your HomeKit devices from your Find My iPhone.
  • Siri has a few minor improvements to its predecessor.
  • Apple Mail creates support for emojis.
  • APFS format support.
  • Safari has intelligent tracking protection and Favicons in tabs.
  • Quick Look has editing tools.
  • eGPU support on a per-application basis.

Is iOS Merging With macOS?

No, but Apple did announce that they were working on a system that allows developers to port iOS apps to macOS. Also, macOS has three new apps that were previously launched for the iOS. Apple states that will have the iOS-to-macOS tools available during 2019.

What Does this Mean For Developers?

Apple’s plan to create a software integration platform for iOS and macOS has given a multitude of advantages for developers. Here are a few of them!

Reduced Costs

First, it reduces the costs of app development and deployment. Previously, developers would have to create the app in one system (macOS or iOS) and take hours translating it into the other framework. Due to Apple’s new announcement, developers can finally have their apps integrate with one another without wasting time translating or debugging the code.

User Benefit

Second, users also benefit from these announcements. As developers create more apps for macOS and iOS, it will increase the quality of their apps. By doing this, the apps will have fewer bugs, more utility, and allows iOS users test games with macOS developers.


To conclude, we believe that the mac os x driver development is important for Apple’s long-term growth. This means that users will receive higher quality apps and better deployment integration. Thus, we can’t wait to see more developments and updates from Apple in the future.

Do you have any questions about using macOS?

Tell us in the comments below.

Author: Adam Edmond

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