Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2018

Anxiety: A Growing Modern Epidemic

While people tend to focus on their physical health quite a lot, mental health is often left behind, symptoms being entirely neglected until reaching hard to bear depths. While depression was something people used to talk about not so long ago, a large number of people being confronted with this mental issue, anxiety seems to have outgrown it recently, becoming a prevailing condition of today’s modern society.

While everyone can experience a state of anxiety at one point in their life, this being a natural part of the human nature, when the symptoms become constant and affect all areas of your life, a disorder has already developed. Being informed on the topic is recommended, even when the signs of the condition being present are still at a minimum level. Here’s what you need to know about this growing modern epidemic:

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Current statistics

  • Generalized anxiety disorder is affecting more than 6 million individuals in the United States alone. While the number is growing at a steady pace, only 40 percent of those suffering from GAD are actually pursuing a treatment plan.
  • Panic disorder – linked to anxiety as well – has had an impact on more than two percent of the US population. Women are more predisposed to PD than men according to recent studies.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder is probably the anxiety condition that affects most individuals, with over 14 million US citizens suffering from this condition in 2018. SAD has shown to affect an equal number of men and women, and the disorder seems to make itself noticed after the age of 13. What’s shocking about SAD in particular is that is has been shown through research that patients actually seek support and help after more than 10 years of living with it. While the numbers are certainly worrying, once the data released by the National Insisted of Metal Health has reached a wider audience, more organizations are starting to focus on increasing awareness regarding anxiety and on determining thus sufferers to seek help.

Alleviating and combating symptoms

Although the methods of fighting against anxiety are diverse, and specialists claim each individual need to develop their own personalized coping mechanism, there are proven methods that have been researched by experts in the field and proven to alleviate or combat symptoms. The following are on the top of the list:

Natural oils and herbs

More and more people suffering from anxiety have directed their attention towards natural products with alleviating effects. Nutraceuticals, and more precisely CBD oils, have become a popular solution for combating aggravating anxiety symptoms. The majority of natural products that are being used for this purpose work by alternating serotonin signals, enabling brain cells to receive chemical signals. The effects on anxiety of natural oils, as well as other similar products have been proven through studies, but you are still recommended to discuss with your healthcare provider before resorting to a treatment plan that incorporates these types of nutraceuticals.

Seeing a mental health care professional

Because this type of health problem cannot be entirely remediated trough medicine alone, whether it’s alternative or traditional treatments you have tried, taking into account the possibility of seeing a mental health care professional is necessary. Therapy methods have been developed that focus exactly on this type of mental disorder, and while the duration of actually experiencing result can vary significantly from one person to another, the power of these types of services cannot be denied. Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselor and social works are the four categories of mental health care experts that work with people dealing with anxiety. Each one targets a certain specific group of anxiety sufferers, but you might often need to combine different types of therapy sessions in order to truly obtain an improvement. These professionals utilize special techniques, settings and strategies that are customized to suit your particular needs. Despite the growing number of people dealing with this type of condition, you will be pleased to discover that more individuals are starting to research and realize the power of therapy and the social stigma regarding the topic has decreased in modern society.


While medications, herbs and therapy are essential for an effective anxiety recovery, there are other more reachable means of coping and living with this disorder. It has been researched and concluded that exercise can have a strong role in the process. Often, anxiety symptoms can be worsened due to lack of physical activity. By focusing more on sports and engaging in constant exercise routines, you will manage to reduce your symptoms, especially when combined with other effective techniques.

Joining a support group

Connecting with others who are in the same mental health position as yourself can work better than you might initially believe. Sharing your worries and personal experience in a proper environment will make your journey towards an improved mental health state much easier and accessible. While discussing about your issues with friends or family might be difficult for you, considering they might not fully understand what you are going through, joining a support group will be far more beneficial. Support and self-help networks are being established nowadays, so it’s not difficult to find an option that suits the specifics of your situation. This is something that specialist also recommend, promoting the importance of social interactions for an effective anxiety alleviation.

As you can clearly see, anxiety has become an aggravating issue of today’s society, and things seem to only go downhill, with not visible improvement. Anxiety has taken the place of depression in terms of number of suffers on a worldwide level, and studies are still being made on the topic, focusing on finding solution as well as discovering the main triggering factors of this condition. If you are in the situation of dealing with an anxious predisposition, you should take into account the information mentioned above, and utilize the various methods to your advantage until finding what could work for your situation best. It’s time people take full control of their mental health, notice symptoms on time and actually do something about this modern “plague”.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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