Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2016

Anti-gun Mike Lupica, NY Daily News, lies in attack on NRA, Wayne LaPierre ‘a phony patriot’

The NY Daily News continues the attack on the National Rifle Association, gun owners and Wayne LaPierre after the NRA chief appeared on Face the Nation with John Dickerson. Beginning with a Tokyo Rose label, sportswriter Mike Lupica joined the inaccurate anti-gun screams, calling LaPierre a phony patriot and misleading readers about the terrorist attack in Orlando.

“Laws didn’t stop them in Boston, laws didn’t stop them in San Bernardino, where you had every type of gun control law you can have,” LaPierre said to Dickerson. “And (laws) didn’t stop them in Paris, where people can’t even own guns.”

The full quote prompted Lupica to water down the terrorist attack in Boston because only three people died and 49 were killed by Muslim Omar Mateen in a gay nightclub: “So LaPierre thinks Orlando is the new Boston. Sure it is. All these jihadists are the same. The bombs in Boston killed three innocent people. Mateen, because of the weapon he had in his hands, killed 49. How many times do you have to ask LaPierre, who has the soul of an ammunition clip, or maybe just a cash register, how many children Adam Lanza would have killed in Newtown if he had to keep stopping to reload?”

How to Control a Nation gun ban distractionsLupica doesn’t discuss any of the incompetence by the FBI, the lifting of the surveillance on Mateen or how that SAME tracking would have stopped the purchase of ANY firearm in Boston by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev or his friends.

Lupica moves on without any of these facts or commentary.

“What happened this past week,” LaPierre told Dickerson, “is the President, the whole gun-ban movement, said don’t look at terrorists, look over here, divert your attention, take your eyes off the problem because they don’t want to face the embarrassment of their failure in the terrorist area and they want to cover their butts and not talk about it.”

Here is a big denial, “No, LaPierre is the one doing that. If you even suggest that AR-15s and all guns like it don’t belong in the hands of civilians, that they only belong in the hands of soldiers, then you are looking to take all guns away. This isn’t just a lie, it is a big lie. It is like the one LaPierre and the other shills in his organization tell when they suggest that if you even get to vote on any sort of gun sanity in Washington, before long the government will be going door to door and asking for the gun in your closet.”

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