Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2015

Answering the critics on the church losing members

During my recent appearance on the 1787 Network show with Alex Snitker, Danielle Alexandre and Greg Bowen, the topic turned towards a new survey which showed a drop in Americans describing themselves as Christians (a fall from 78.4 to 70.6%)

Asked for my opinion, I explained the decline mentioning the conformity of the church to gay marriage, homosexuals in leadership and softening their pro-life stance.

One Facebook follower took issue with my assertions, stating that this “hate speech” is exactly why he would “never darken a church door” and why “Christians are getting what they deserve – finally being called out for the bigots which they are…”

The private message concluded with a vague effort at equating the prejudice of today against sexual immorality to the racism of the past (the 1960s).

The video below includes the entire show broadcast, with this discussion beginning just after the 1 hour, 15 minute mark – listen to the exchange for yourself.

I don’t want to expound on the discussion other than to expand my definition of the church, what are purpose should be and emphasize Jesus Christ.

photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

1. Jesus Christ came to be our Redeemer, not to tell us to do “good works”

Not to disagree with Danielle’s point on charitable works and how government is becoming the source of help for those in need (it certainly is an accurate observation), but doing good works is just the byproduct of a spirit filled Christian – NOT the mission of the church.

Our goal is to make disciples (Matt 28:19) and emulate the role of Christ, who was pure of heart, felt the pain of others and was a servant to all. Jesus offers details during the Sermon on the Mount (Matt Chap 5-7).

2. The church cannot abandon the traditions and beliefs spelled out in scripture

I spoke of gay marriage, abortion etc…because that’s closer to the political theme of the show and links to government. That said, the true problem is the compromise WITHIN the church.

False teachings (there is no hell), worldliness (ATMs, coffee shops in church lobbies), preaching social justice (Rev. Wright), tolerating sin (Rev 2:2), Christian infighting (hence the church on every corner) and the soft core preaching which could be described as emotionalism or pointless formalism (is the power of the blood preached in your church?)

3. The Bible is the foundation of all truth

Deception comes when Christians don’t even know what they believe. Lessons as a child won’t keep the Catholic educated, water-downed translations can lead people astray and many Christians just don’t read scripture.

From an article on Christianity.com:

  • 12% of adult Christians think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife
  • 60 percent of Americans can’t name even five of the Ten Commandments.
  • Another survey of graduating high school seniors revealed that over 50 percent thought that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife.
  • A considerable number of respondents to one poll indicated that the Sermon on the Mount was preached by Billy Graham.

It is certainly difficult to articulate religious beliefs on a political show and I hope that my Facebook “friend” will welcome an open dialogue to resolve our differences.

I don’t think I espoused “hate” (or ever have since coming to the Lord a few years back), but I make mistakes everyday. I pray I learn from my mistakes, ask for forgiveness and try to reflect Christ daily.

IMO, the church is crumbling because it is getting more worldly NOT more Godly. Asking Christians to accept and participate in sinful behavior is already a struggle, let alone the pressure from our governments around the globe.

I thank the Liberty Network team for even entertaining such difficult topics, especially this one which is outside the scope of traditional political shows, and including me weekly for input.

Til next time…TALK HARD!

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  1. Alexander Snitker says:


    Even though I am a Deist I do enjoy a religious discussion with people like you because I do not believe that you have any hate in what you believe at all. You have respect for others and treat those with whom you disagree a level of respect that I do not.

    If anyone does not believe it then I suggest you listen again.

    I do disagree with you on the solution but that is ok. The disagreement is simply focused based.

  2. esteemnz says:

    “I explained the decline mentioning the conformity of the church to gay marriage, homosexuals in leadership and softening their pro-life stance.”

    Well, if that nonsense is true then why did the Southern Baptists see their percentage of the population decline from 6.7% to 5.3% in the last seven years? They have been vehemently against marriage equality and abortion. The Catholic Church has become increasingly vocal against same-sex marriage and abortion. In the last seven years their percentage of the US population declined from 23.9% to 20.8%.

    If your theory is right then why are the most anti-gay, anti-abortion sects among the losers?

    • Ray says:

      The Southern Baptists are know-it-all extremists ready to send all of the other protestants to hell also. King James only, haters of most evangelicals who don’t preach how they like it, a turn or burn approach is just not very appealing. BTW, my recent experience didn’t offer much for the Holy Spirit.

      Brandon talks about the Catholics a little, but is too kind. There isn’t even a Bible in the place, teaching sin and tell the priest is so idiotic that they can’t sell it anymore. Hypocrite Catholics have done a disservice to Christianity for years.

      Brandon, good job – keep up the good work

      • Brandon Jones says:

        OK, well Ray, I’m not willing to go there with you. I don’t think we should throw everyone into stereotype, but I have written on the topics recently.


        I think there are good and bad Christians in all denominations and I’ll never pretend to fully understand how God’s grace and mercy works. We need to work off what the Bible clearly says, but Jesus saving the criminal on the cross should make everyone take pause before being so arrogant.

        To address “esteem”: the data is 8 pages, we could mull over and discuss countless pieces of statistics. I stand before my statement that the compromising church will be useless and members will leave. In contrast, the intolerant church will also drive away members. I go back to the post and look to Jesus as the role model, the giver of instructions for our lives and the church.

        A Baptist throwing an insult over gay marriage, hurting someone, is not reflecting the kind and gracious teachings of Christ. At the same time, a denomination rolling over on guidelines to get “contemporary” will back fire (as it has all through time)

        Appreciate the feedback, comments etc…

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