Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Animals Which Are Small but Significantly Strong

It is quite natural to feel weak and puny if you are not endowed with vital statistics to back you up. Height, built, broad shoulders, distinct muscles is ingrained in our minds to represent strength, masculinity, and power. With role models like Superman and Batman constantly being idolized as signs of power, it is a miracle if you look into the mirror and do not feel low about yourself. Nature does not intend to distribute strength in terms of size. Some of the tiniest creatures known have shown incredible physical strength with respect to their proportions. So instead of drawing inspiration and ideas from fictional characters, why not look into what nature has in store for you to indicate power?

photo/ Karl Humphries


Ants are a miracle of nature; the tiny insects have extensive collaborative nature that makes them the most successful colonization creatures. They have well defined rules that are operative within their ecosystem. Other than this successful team dynamics, ants are also exceptionally strong and fast creatures. Ants have been known to carry weights that are almost 10 to 50 times heavier than their own body weight. Their speed is flashing too. They can run at around 300 meters per hour which is almost 800 times more than the entire length of their tiny bodies. With such enormous strength, it makes them almost 100 times stronger than an average human being. So the next time you brush off an ant, remember it could have knocked you out if it weighed as much as you do.

Coconut Crabs

The insignificant proportions of these crabs can dissuade you from considering their monumental strength. If you are aware of the facts about Coconut Crabs, you would perhaps never venture too far into the seaside. They are in fact called coconut crabs for a reason, they love to eat coconuts and they crush the shell with just their claws. That is some fantastic grip! Known to have the most powerful claws among the crustaceans, it is great that they are rather unsocial and peaceful. These animals also have a very strong sense of smell and can lift a human child easily. Still think size has got anything to do with strength?

Rhinoceros Beetle

Tiny and peaceful rhinoceros beetles are extremely strong relative to their minuscule proportions. They can carry a whopping weight that is 850 times their own weight. They also sport antlers like real rhinoceros at the front of their heads to battle other beetles for a mate. Let’s just say humans are lucky they do not have to battle this beetle. The most wonderful part is, despite their strength and their proportions when compared to other beetles, they are harmless and survive on tree sap and fruits.

Nature has some serious message to convey through her fantastic designs. The strongest creatures she made are the most peace loving. It simply means that strength should be applied where needed, that is, to be productive and not to oppress. Your inner strength is what will take you far in life.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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