Published On: Sat, Jan 5th, 2013

Animal Planet renews ‘Whale Wars’ for season 6

During the TCA Press Tour on Saturday, Discovery Communications and the Animal Planet panel confirmed another season for “Whale Wars.”

Whale Wars title card screenshot photoDeadline detailed how “Whale Wars” will get a sixth season, there is a new Whale Wars-type docu series called Battleground: Rhino Wars and reflected on 2012’s spinoff Whale Wars: Viking Shores.

Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, is marshalling resources for the biggest campaign yet against Japanese Antarctic whaling.
Watson said that despite being without a passport and moving in secret, he intended to lead the campaign by 120 people on four ships this summer.

“We aim to stop them completely this time,” he told Fairfax. “They will be so financially in the hole that they can’t climb out.”

Sea Shepherd has been both criticized and praised for tactics of direct action sabotage which include throwing stink bombs of butyric acid, as well as ramming, boarding, and otherwise attempting to disable the Japanese vessels.

Here is the information on the debut of Battleground: Rhino Wars – click here

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  1. mike pollice says:

    haters you would of could of should have but you did nothing as usual. If my aunt my aunt had a penis she would be my uncle. Captain Paul keep fighting

  2. Sea Shepherd Wins says:

    Like my e-mail says: SEASHEPHERSWINS!!! GO SEA SHEPHERD ~ HEROS!

  3. Frank Ross Sr says:

    60 plus years being a Commercial Fisherman and I can say with a good heart had anyone attack my vessel the way Watson and CO do the Japs I would have sunk their vessel.
    Endangering my vessel and crew would have been an act of war and I would have acted accordingly.
    Call me what you will but I survived a body temperature of 82.4 degrees and the loss of a good friend that to have given more assistance would have meant the loss of my own life when if fact he was more than likely dead already.
    For the next 4 years my wife woke me up many times to tell me the boat sank again and believe my that hurts 45 years later.
    That sinking was a hard reality teaching that the vessel is all that stands between life and death of my crew and it was my job to protect them. Too bad Paul Watson and some on this forum hasn’t learned that lesson. I hope for the sake of the naïve crews they don’t run into one who has learned that lesson because they will not survive.

  4. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know when Whale Wars Season 6 is going to be aired in US?

  5. Joe Glenn says:

    I hope the eco terrorist whale wars cooks get run over and sink this year! Or maybe some other random boat starts attacking them for being lawless animals.

  6. uk watcher says:

    Does anyone know the uk air date for whale wars next season?

    • Daniel says:

      I wrote to Discovery UK to ask why they can’t sync up the transmission of “Whale Wars” in the UK with that of its transmission in the US? Season 5 is yet to be aired in the UK, whereas it was aired in the USA in Jun/Jul/Aug in 2012! The response was that there was a push to sync up transmission dates and they have done so with “Dealiest Catch”, but it was a “long and arduous process”. I don’t think this is good enough. It is confusing for viewers that the events portrayed do not relate to the events that have recently taken place in the Antarctic. I recommend emailing Discovery UK. If more viewers in the UK realise the time lag and let them know that they are unhappy about it then they may take greater efforts in speeding up this “long and arduous process”!

  7. Bogmonster says:

    All the very best to the Sea Shepherds. Hope you all return safely after a successful mission and then the captain Paul Watson gets justice snd cleared of these stupid charges hanging over him.

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