Published On: Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

All that you need to know about Shrink Machine and their types

The packaging industry is slowly and gradually evolving and improving with time. One of the main requirements for a well packaged product is that it stays safe and unscathed. This is often difficult when the packaging is loosely bound. This is exactly the reason why the same has evolved and led to the introduction of the Shrink packaging. This specific packaging technique mainly involves the repackaging of the package.

There are mainly two distinct stages that are involved in the Shrink packaging system:

  • The very first step includes the wrapping up of the package itself with a plastic film. Some of them are often stitched to give it a better structure.
  • Next, the package is passed through a heat chamber to make the plastic cling to the package. This ensures the air tight packaging which is what this method is most famous for.

Some advantages of using this packaging method

Before we jump right into the different types and variants of this method, let us look at some of the advantages. The Shrink packaging is not a very ancient method but a very new one. Just within a few years, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the advantages it has over the other types.

Some of the primary benefits include:

  • It can help in packaging multiple items all in one packaging rather than separate
  • The air tight packaging ensures that the product stay safe and unharmed inside the package
  • The shrink packaging helps in identifying if the package has been tampered with
  • It is a great way of packaging for food and medicines because it doesn’t allow the entry of moisture inside the package
  • It is very easily portable and transported because of its concise size

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The different types

There are primarily three different types of shrink film packaging. It is mainly the type of film that’s different and the rest of the packaging procedure is almost the same.

Shrinking film shrink wrap packaging

The plastic film that’s used in this specific type has a shrinking nature which makes it cling to the package very easily. When the package is passed through the heat chamber, the film around shrinks and wraps tightly around the package. This helps in ensuring that the package stays tightly bound and stays protected.

Plastic film shrink wrap packaging

This is the type which primarily used the normal plastic film to cover the package. Much like the other variant, it is then passed through the heat chambers. Following the same, the package is tightly wrapped in the plastic. This type is best for the food and medicines because any kind of tampering can easily be spotted in the same.

Stretch film shrink wrap packaging

The last yet not the least are the variant which uses the stretch film for the packaging. This is one of the most used types. This is mainly because the stretch film is much more elastic and plaint than the other two types. With the heat treatment, the film expands and then adheres to the surface of the package to give it a lot more protection and safety.

The shrink wrap packaging industry is growing with each passing day and all for the right reasons. It is always best to opt for the ones that deem suitable for your products. This process is much more economical and better for the packaging process in comparison to the other variants. You can even find great deals on Maripak for Shrink Wrap Machine and the packaging methods.

Author: Umer Farooq

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