Published On: Wed, Apr 7th, 2021

All About Running Shoes

Once you’re aware of your gait and foot shape, you can now determine the type of running shoes you should get. 

When selecting a good pair of running shoes, how they fit and overall functionality is extremely important as opposed to the colors and style. You need to have the right amount of protection, support and cushioning so that you can perform your best as well as reduce the chances that you’d get injured. 

We will now cover some of the features you should pay attention to. 

photo/ Steve Buissinne

Heel Toe Drop

Now, it is possible that you are familiar with this term as it shows the difference in height of your forefoot and heel. 

So, for example, if you have a pair of shoes that have a 8mm heel toe drop, then this translates into a 20mm heel height. This is because the toe height is at 12mm and the difference in height between your heel and toes is 8mm. 

The main factor that determines how comfortable any particular heel toe drop is for you is actually how you walk. Basically, if you tend to land on your heels, then you’ll require a higher offset so that you can get more cushioning to absorb shock. If you strike on your midfoot or forefoot, then a lower offset would be better for you since you won’t require additional cushioning. 

Extra Features

These additional features aren’t necessary for cushioning and support but they may increase how well you run and how comfortable you are. 

In order for your feet to keep cool and enable sweat to escape, then you may want to get shoes that have water resistant mesh uppers. This will help your feet to remain dry and reduce the chances of getting blisters, no matter what the weather may be like. 

Next, traction is another great feature, especially if you need to run in the rain or wet conditions. Make sure that you get shoes that have strong soles so that they can last long and ensure they gave good treads. 

Shoes with reflective components are great since they will ensure other people and motorists easily see you in conditions where there is low light. 

To ensure that your running shoes are supportive consider orthotic insoles.

Perfect Fit

You need to keep in mind that the most expensive sneakers don’t automatically translate into the best shoes. 

You should purchase running shoes that are a size or a half a size bigger than the typical size that you wear. This will ensure that your feet are comfortable and have enough space for swelling since this typically happens while running. Make sure that you talk to a gait expert if you need to buy new running shoes. 

Your overall comfort is very important and a qualified expert will thoroughly analyze your feet and gait. This will ensure that you get running shoes that are perfect for you and how you run.

Author: Deny Smith

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